Ark Fjordur Metal Locations

When playing Ark Fjordur, one of the most important materials you'll require is metal. This resource is used to make...

When playing Ark Fjordur, one of the most important materials you’ll require is metal. This resource is used to make a number of different products. Metal may be found in rocks; however, the amount varies depending on the kind. Normal metal rocks are accessible, but the Rich Metal Rocks with a golden color will yield the best results.

Mountain tops, caves, rivers, coves, and deep underwater are all places where they can be found. The most abundant Metal Ore formations are found near mountain peaks.

Rocks must be mined for metal. A Metal Pick is the best item to use, but any Pickaxe will do because it will let you mine the most from the rocks.

Metal goods must first be smelted into Metal Ingots before they can be crafted. To make a Metal Ingot, you’ll need two pieces of Metal Ore, and the smelting method you choose will affect the length of time it takes to turn it.

Metal is used to craft a variety of items like Ammunition, Electrical Cables, Electrical Devices, Elevator Structures, Explosive Weapons, Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, Metal Sickle, Metal Structures, Pike, Platform Saddles, Several Saddles, Smithy, Vault, Weapon Attachments, etc.

Ark Fjordur Metal Locations

Ark Fjordur Metal Location Coordinates

Metal Location #1

Coordinates: 51.9 LAT and 29.9 LON

There will be a shipwreck at this site with supplies as well as metal picks and metal hatchets. If you continue straight inland from the shipwreck, you will come upon a rock archway.

Go to the top of the rock and avoid getting killed by Andrewsarchus because they spawn there along with some Rexes. On top of this rock ledge, there will be a significant amount of metal.

Metal Location #2

Coordinates: 60.0 LAT and 87.8 LON

From the seashore, you may access the island. The most harmful aspect is the presence of Dilos and Seagulls. However, if you travel to the rock archway, you may harvest three small metal nodes.

You’ll come upon a little house that will provide you with supplies such as metal picks, which you may take and use to harvest metal. When crossing the water, be cautious since whales may attack you.

Metal Location #3

Coordinates: 64.5 LAT and 80.2 LON

You’ll need a raft for this site, and you’ll have to spawn above the coast. The waterfalls are located at the base of the castle. A little waterfall may be seen if you go down the coast.

A collection of rich metals may be found on the right side of the waterfall. There will be many Rexes and Carnos present. They’ll spawn and assault you, but if you’re quick, you can go up the slope, collect some metal, and return it to your raft to escape.

Metal Location #4

Coordinates: 62.7 LAT and 81.4 LON

There will be a cave near the east waterfall. There will most likely be ten metal nodes in the cave, with some of them being particularly valuable. There will be a collection of crystals and oil rocks at the cave’s bottom.

Metal Location #5

Coordinates: 41.8 LAT and 41.2 LON

There will be a large rock in the midst of the main continent’s southern shore, with a shipwreck tucked right next to it. You’ll find various metal tools here. Then head east along the shore, up the slope, and you’ll find three nice metal nodes.

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