Ark Fjordur Megachelon Location

Megachelon makes its appearance in Ark Fjordur as well. It first appeared in Ark Survival Evolved’s Genesis: Part 1 expansion pack.

Megachelon is a giant turtle having four eyes and six legs. It can be caught and tamed to be used as a mobile base, as a tank, and for transport as well among other uses.

In this guide, we will explain where to find Megachelon in Ark Fjordur and how to tame it as well.

Ark Fjordur Megachelon Location

The Megachelon can be found in the waters west of the Swamp Biome in Fjordur. The coordinates where the Megachelon spawns most commonly are 44.9 LAT and 23.7 LON.

Below we have a map image showing the area where Megachelon can be found in the waters.

Ark Fjordur Megachelon Map

How To Tame Megachelon

Once you find a Megachelon, you can then proceed to tame it. In Ark Fjordur, the Megachelon can only be tamed passively. Passive taming means that you will not need to attack it or knock it out in order to tame it. Rather, passive taming is done by feeding the animal food that it likes.

For Megachelon, the favorite food is Microbe Swarm fish. Microbe Swarm can be found swimming in clusters all around the same location where you found Megachelon. Your task will be to find a Microbe Swarm cluster and make them attack you.

Once they are after you, swim to the Megachelon you want to lure. Once you take the cluster of fish near Megachelon, they will leave you and instead start going around Megachelon. This will start the passive taming process.

Once the taming process is complete, you will be able to name it and make it your companion.

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