Ark Fjordur Fjordhawk Location and Taming

Here is a guide to taming Fjordhawk in Ark Fjordur which will provide you with the locations and process of taming.

There is always one mechanic in every game that draws a large player base. In Ark Survival Evolved, it is Taming. Now that the Fjordur expansion has been released, it’s time to tame wild creatures and explore the wilds once again.  Here is a guide to taming Fjordhawk in Ark Fjordur and places where you can find it.

Ark Fjordur Fjordhawk Location

This huge bird is actually unique as it can assist players in retrieving lost things after death, which can prove to be a lifesaver in both PvE and PvP situations.

The Snaerheimr Mountains and the Skadifjord region in the northwestern portion of the map are where these birds generally nest.

The exact two coordinates where Fjordhawk can be found are listed below:

  • 15.0 Latitude and 24.0 Longitude
  • 16.5 Latitude and 33.36 Longitude

Simply head to either of these two spots and you should be able to see these giant birds flying around. The Fjordhawks look a bit similar to Argentavis but considerably smaller, so should be easy to spot.

How to Tame Fjordhawk in Ark Fjordur

Fjordhawk is very useful as they give you all your gear back when you die. Taming Fjordhawk is not very complicated. Unlike most other creatures, you don’t need to knockout Fjordhawks to feed them. Fjordhawk’s prefer dead dino carcasses similar to modern-day vultures so that is how you tame them.

It is possible to tame Fjordhawks by hunting giant dinosaurs. Afterward, you must find a Fjordhawk and lead it to the dinosaur’s corpse. If you follow this method, you will be able to fill the hawk’s taming meter very quickly, as you will not have to kill many dinosaurs at once.

Even though you can kill many dinosaurs, it is better to kill just a couple of huge dinosaurs that can satisfy the appetite of a Fjordhawk.

You need only locate the Fjordhawk, attract its attention, and direct it towards the dinosaur you killed to secure its next meal. Nonetheless, it is important that you do not lose Fjordhawk’s interest by straying too far.

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