Ark Fjordur Beaver Dams Locations Guide

In this guide, we will tell you the locations of Beaver dams in Ark Fjordur and how to loot them for cementing paste.

Cementing paste is a very crucial item in Ark Fjordur when it comes to building big structures and fortifying bases. There are many ways to get cementing paste from the nature, but the only ideal one is to scavenge beaver dams. In this guide, we will tell you the locations of Beaver dams in Ark Fjordur and how to farm cementing paste from these dams.

Ark Fjordur Beaver Dams Locations

There are several Giant Beaver/Castoroid dam locations on the Ark Fjordur map. If you are searching for cementing paste, then they are mainly found in beaver/castoroid dams. But be careful with beavers as they are most likely to attack you. We are listing some of the beaver dam locations on the Fjordur map below:

Head to 94.6 latitude and 32.3 longitude on the map. You will see a giant water body right beside a waterfall. This is a Beaver dam.

You can find another one at 12.4 latitude and 20.0 longitude. This one is at the bottom of a waterfall as well.

There is another beaver dam at 47.3 latitude and 73.6 longitude in the central-eastern position of the map. The giant beaver dams transform into multiple streams that run down the canyon. If you follow the streams, then you will get to a point where you will find many beaver dams.

How to Farm Cementing Paste

Beaver dams are a great source of all types of resources, including Cementing Paste. Simply head to any of the beaver dam locations mentioned above and loot them to collect loads of Cementing Paste. If you still need more, you can either craft some using Mortar and Pestle or farm them through the process described below.


Beelzebufos are used for farming cementing paste. In order to farm cementing paste, you have to take Beelzebufo to the nearest jungle, redwood or a swamp and chomp it down into a few Meganeuras and Titanomyrmas. Whenever they will attack their enemies with their main attacks, they will turn into cementing paste. This is a great way to farm cementing paste with Beelzebufo.

But the best way to get lots of cementing paste is, again, scavenging the beaver dams. Not just cementing paste, they carry other loots as well like pearls, woods, rare flowers and silica.

When you are looting the dam, castoroids or giant beavers are going to attack you. When you have looted everything, the dam will get destroyed. But don’t worry, it spawns back. But keep in mind, loot the dam without killing the beavers as they do not spawn back.

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