Ark Crystal Isles Snail Location and Taming Guide

Go through this detailed guide to learn everything about snails, including their locations and uses in Ark Crystal Isles.

Achatina is commonly known as Snail in Ark Crystal Isles that you can tame and breed. It is not an aggressive creature and you can use it for producing the Achatina Paste, which is an excellent alternative to Cementing Paste. This guide will cover all the details about where you can find Snail in Ark Crystal Isles and how to tame Snail.

Where to Find Snails in Ark Crystal Isles

You can find Snails in different areas in the Ark Crystal Isles. You can follow the coordinates below to get to the best spawn locations and check out the map for all possible spawn locations.

Ark Crystal Isles Snail Location and Taming Guide

  • 3°Latitude, 45.3°Longitude
  • 5° Latitude, 70.9° Longitude
  • 2° Latitude, 75.1° Longitude

Snail is a creature that is quite challenging to find in Ark Crystal Isles because of its size. It can easily hide behind rocks or bushes, and you can miss it.

The first location where you can find Snail is close to the river at coordinates 50.3 LAT and 45.3 LON. After getting here, you must explore the river area to find some snails.

However, this area is pretty hostile, and you will encounter dangerous creatures. Another spot close to the water where you can find some snails is at coordinates 61.5 LAT and 70.9 LON.

However, the chances of finding a high-level Snail are low here, so we will not focus much on this area. The best spot where you can find Snails is at coordinates 48.2 LAT and 75.1 LON.

It is like a little cave; these coordinates will take you to its entrance. After entering, you will see an enormous structure made of rocks. Here you can find a lot of Snails, and the creatures inside are also not that dangerous. You can take them out in a few hits.

How to Tame a Snail

Taming Snail in Ark Crystals Isles is not a difficult job at all. You have to knock it out before taming, which you can do easily using a longneck rifle and some tranquilizer darts.

But the area where you will find this creature is full of dangerous predators, so you must be prepared. The food you will need to tame snails in Ark Crystals Isles includes Sweet Vegetable Cake.

Now to knockout Snail, hit it with the Tranquilizer darts on the soft parts. If you target its shell, it will take more darts and time to knock out the Snail. Once knocked out, we recommend you build some spike structure around it so that the tiny creatures close to it wouldn’t interrupt the taming process.

Let Achatina starve for some time, and then start to move Sweet Vegetable Cake into its inventory. You can tame a level 30 Snail in 13 minutes by using 6 Sweet Vegetable Cakes. Once you tame a Snail, it can be used for a passive supply of resources like Achatina Paste and Organic Polymer.

Achatina Paste is an excellent substitute for Cementing Paste. To collect a lot of Achatina Paste, you can place all the Snails on a platform at your base and set them on wandering.

Now put some stones in their inventory, and they will continue to produce Achatina Paste every minute. If you have a couple of Gachas, use them for collecting the feces regularly. Make sure to put some food into the Gacha inventory, so they don’t end up eating the Achatina Paste.

Achatina will only eat Sweet Vegetable Cakes once you have tamed them, so ensure you have a good supply of Sap, Crops, and Giant Bee Honey to keep them alive.

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