Ark Crystal Isles Salt Locations

If you want to know where the best places to farm Salt in Ark Crystal Isles are, then you've come to the right place.

A resource called Raw Salt is used to make inventory items last longer in Ark Crystal Isles. With Sulphur, Raw Salt can be turned into Preserving Salt. In Ark Crystal Isles, you can find it in rock deposits, bones, and fossils. You’ll also find salt in other Ark Survival DLCs like Ragnarok, Genesis, Valguero, and Lost Island. Find out where Raw Salt is in Ark Crystal Isles with this guide.

Salt helps extend the shelf life of perishable items by keeping them fresh longer. Raw salt can also be used to craft Preserving Salt with Sulphur, which can extend the expiration date of any inventory item. In contrast to Raw Salt, Preserving Salt has a limited shelf life, so you should only craft it when you need it.

Salt can also be used for craft items which include Biscuit Batter, Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Cured Bacon, Gravy, Leather, Pancake Batter, Pizza Dough, Salted Jerky, Salted Prime Jerky, Tomato Juice, and Tomato Sauce.

Ark Crystal Isles Salt Locations

Below is the image in which we have marked the coordinates in which Salt is found in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Salt Locations

There are a couple of locations in which Salt is found in Ark Crystal Isles. Use these coordinates correctly and you’ll find salt easily.



Head to the coordinates mentioned below to find Salt:

LAN: 51.2 LON: 34.8

Location #2

Like some other resources in Ark Crystal Isles, Salt is found in limited locations. Below is another coordinate that will help you farm some Salt:

LAN: 65.2 LON: 54.2

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