Ark Crystal Isles Metal Locations

The following guide will discuss the best locations for finding metal on the Ark Crystal Isles map as well as a few farming tips.

Metal is among the numerous natural resources found in Ark Crystal Isles, the importance of which in the crafting of tools and equipment is immense.

Metal Ore must be first smelted into Metal Ingots before usage in crafting, this is done on a Forge, where two pieces of Metal Ore are smelted into 1 piece of Metal Ingot. The duration of the process depends on the method used.

Items using Metal as a crafting ingredient include Elevator Structures, Explosive Weapons, Metal Hatchet, Smithy, Vault, Weapon Attachments, Platform Saddles, Electrical Cables, and Devices, Metal Pick, Metal Sickle, Metal Structures, Pike, Ammunition, etc.

The following guide will discuss the best locations for finding metal on the Ark Crystal Isles map as well as a few farming tips.

Ark Crystal Isles Metal Locations

Metal must be first refined in the form of ingots before usage in crafting recipes. Certain rock types can be mined to obtain a significant amount of metal, even though normal rocks can also provide it, their metallic content is very low.

Rocks with a golden hue and a smoother finish are high metallic content rocks. Generally, a higher Mineral Rock density is found in the mountain areas, rivers, deep waters, and caves, which are threatening and difficult areas to travel to.


The following map shows all the in-game locations for finding Metal Deposit in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Metal Locations

The yellowish circles on the map indicate the locations of Rich Metal Deposits while the grey circles indicate locations for normal Metal Deposits.

The best farming locations for Metal Deposit on the Ark Crystal Isles map are:

Metal Location #1 – The White Shoals

Latitude: 83.2

Longitude: 19.1

These coordinates are for the easiest starter Metal location on the map, where you easily obtain a sufficient amount of metal for early game usage without anything bothering you at all.

Note that the metal nodes are spaced apart from each other, so this spot isn’t best for later game usage, spots with a higher metal concentration are discussed below.

Metal Location #2 – Copper Peaks

Latitude: 55.5

Longitude: 48.0

This location has a significant amount of Rich Metal Deposit rocks that have a higher Metal Ore composition.

To find this spot you must locate the waterfalls flowing from the peak of the mountain. There will be plenty of Copper rocks present at the end of the waterfall and the connecting river. Head south to keep finding more of these rocks.

There are plenty of dangerous Dinos around so be ready to protect yourself when venturing out here.

Metal Location #3 – Floating Islands

Latitude: 48.5

Longitude: 73.1

This location is perfect for players that settle down on the floating islands. These coordinates lead to the entrance to the cave underneath the Floating Islands. As you enter the cave you will find tons of Metal nodes everywhere and you can keep traveling deeper inside the cave to find more.

Metal Location #4 – Red Woods

Latitude: 23.9

Longitude: 26.9

This location is perfect for Players living in the Red Woods. The spot is also pretty easy to locate, you must head to the point where all the three rivers meet up, and exactly in the middle, at the base of the waterfall, you will find plenty of Metal nodes, a decent amount of them Rich Metal nodes.

Travel to the top of the waterfall to find an even higher concentration of Metal nodes.

Metal Location #5 – Eldritch Isle

Latitude: 25.2

Longitude: 71.0

For the fifth metal farming location, you must travel to Eldritch Isle in Ark Crystal Isles. These coordinates lead you to the bottom of a snow-covered mountain.

Almost all of the snowy rocks at the base of this mountain are Metal nodes. As you travel further along you will find a continuous amount of these Metal nodes.

This spot is perfect for collecting resources however the dangers present are also significant, so be prepared to defend yourself.

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