Ark Crystal Isles Gems Locations

We've prepared a detailed guide to help you find all the different gems in Ark Crystal Isles including Blue, Red and Green gems.

Ark Crystal Isles has resources in the form of different types of gems that are used to craft several items such as saddles, guns, pistols, and armor items. These gems are found in three different types differentiated by their color: Red, Blue, and Green.

Crystals isles have a good number of gems found all over the map, but each type of gem is found in a specific place on the map therefore read this guide to learn about every location to find Red, Blue, and Green Gems in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Blue Gem Locations

Blue Gems have two types: Dark Blue and Light Blue gems. Both types are found mainly in the Eldritch Isles area of the Crystal Isles map.

You can find them all over the Eldritch Isles, but the high concentration is located close to the water on either side of the Eldritch Isles. You can find the location of the Blue Gems location marked with blue circles from the map image below:

Ark Crystal Isles Gems Locations

Blue gems are an important resource in Ark Crystal Isles that are used in crafting several items including:

  • Glider Suit Skin
  • Hazard Suits
  • Karkinos Saddle
  • Metal Cliff Platform
  • Pliers
  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin

Location #1

An area in the Crystal Isles named Eldritch Isles is abundant in Blue Gems. Although you can find Blue Crystals everywhere on the Eldritch Isles, if you are looking for big deposits of light blue gems, you can head towards the coordinates below. Once found, you can easily pick them using a pickaxe, Ankylosaurus, and Mantis.

  • LAT 17
  • LON 74

Location #2

Eldritch Isles also features gems that are Dark Blue and are found on the lower South side of the Eldritch Isles. Dark Blue gems will also give you crystals, stone, and elements shards. You can find the coordinates for the Dark Blue gems below:

  • LAT 31
  • LON 74

Red Gem Locations

Red Gems are generally found all over the Great Valley area of the Crystal Isles map. You can find them at the top of the mountains as well as inside the caves of the Great Valley. If you are looking for a more concentrated area for the Red Gems, you can look at the red circles marked in the map image below:

Ark Crystal Isles Gems Locations

Red Gems are used to craft several useful items including:

  • Charge Lantern
  • Gas Collector
  • Rock Drake Saddle
  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Tek Railgun

Location #1

This location for Red Gem is in the Marshy Swamp at the Great Valley. There you can find plenty of Red Gems that can be farmed with a Pickaxe or a Mantis. The coordinated for the Red Gem location are:

  • LAT 64
  • LON 79

Location #2

Aside from Marshy Swamp, you can also find a lot of Red Gems at the peak of the mountains that are alongside the water in the middle of the Great Valley. The coordinates for the Red Gems are:

  • LAT 72
  • LON 76

Green Gem Locations

Green Gems are the types of crystals that are found mainly inside the Great Forest that are farmed easily with a pickaxe. You can find the location of the Green Gems from the green dots marked in the map image below:

Green Gems are also used in crafting items including:

  • Climbing Pick
  • Basilisk Saddle
  • Glow Stick
  • Roll Rat Saddle
  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Gasoline

Location #1

You can find a lot of Green Gems throughout the Great Forest that is located on the Northwest corner of the Crystal Isles map.

These gems are not concentrated in only one place instead, they are found all over the mid-section of the Great Forest. The coordinates for the Green Gems are below:

  • LAT 30
  • LON 20

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