Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Locations

This guide will tell you in detail about all the locations where you can find and farm Crystal in Ark Crystal Isles.

Crystal is an important resource that is found all across the Ark Crystal Isles map and can be easily farmed with the help of dinos like Ankylosaurus and Dunkleosteus. Crystals are used to craft materials like lenses, electronic components, and explosives therefore read this guide to learn about all the best locations for crystals in Ark Crystals Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Locations

Crystal Isle as the name indicates has plenty of crystals deposits all over the map. Although most concentrated crystal deposits are found in the Halcyon Plains, Bloodfall’s Harrow, and Copper Peaks. You can easily pick the crystals using the Metal Pickaxe or Stone Pickaxe. The best Crystal deposit’s locations are marked with white dots in the map image below:

Ark Crystal Isles Crystal Locations

Crystals are used to craft many important items including:

  • Spyglass
  • Water Jar
  • Fabricator
  • Industrial Grill
  • Industrial Forge
  • Weapon Attachments
  • Heavy Miner’s Helmet
  • C4 Charge
  • C4 Remote Detonator
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Lamppost
  • Omnidirectional Lamppost
  • Radio
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Rocket Propelled Grenade
  • SCUBA Mask

Location #1

The first location to find crystals in Crystal Isles is in The White Shoals. There are a lot of blue and orange crystals in this area that is mostly scattered around the water area. The coordinates for the White Shoals location are:

  • 62 LAT
  • 23 LON

Location #2

The second location to find a lot of crystals in one place is in Lower Halcyon Plains. You can find plenty of crystal deposits here including Green Gems and Blue Gems. Once you see any crystal deposit that you want to farm, you can easily use an axe to get it. The coordinates for this location are:

  • 37 LAT
  • 67 LON

Location #3

Halcyon Plains is very rich in crystal deposits therefore you can find a lot of crystal deposits in this area close to the Central River area. The crystals in this area are plenty along the Central River but if you go further North, there are still a lot of crystal deposits, but they are few and far between. The coordinates for the location are:

  • 48 LAT
  • 41 LON

Location #4

The mountain along the Bloodfall’s Harrow also features a lot of crystal deposits all along the area. There are two big crystal deposits along the central lake, and you can also find another deposit of crystals if you go further down South. The coordinates for the location are as follows:

  • 57 LAT
  • 34 LON

Location #5

The is another big deposit of crystal deposit if you head to the top of the Copper Peaks. There you can find a big variety of crystals including blue and orange crystals. All the crystal deposits are concentrated in a small area and the coordinates are:

  • 54 LAT
  • 53 LON


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