Ark Crystal Isles Beaver Dam Locations

If you wanna know about all the beaver dams and their locations in Ark Crystal Isles, then you've come to the right guide.

Cementing Paste is an essential item for building huge structures or fortifying bases in Ark Crystal Isles. There are a few ways to obtain Cementing Paste on the map, but scavenging beaver dams in Ark Crystal Isles is the most ideal one to do so.

Giant Beaver Dams are structures made by wild Castoroides that spawn both on land and water and take up the space of a 1x1x1 structure. These dams contain large amounts of resources and can be harvested to collect Cementing Paste, Rare Flowers, Silica Pearls, Rare Mushrooms, and Wood.

Beaver Dams will not replenish their inventory, when harvesting all resources must be collected to destroy the dam for it to respawn. Respawn time can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on active hours.

The following guide will discuss the in-game locations of Beaver Dams on the Ark Crystal Isles map as well as some Cementing Paste farming tips.

Ark Crystal Isles Beaver Dams Locations

Beaver Dams typically appear close to Castoroides spawn locations and are usually found near or on water. Approaching these dams will immediately agro the wild beaver towards you.

The following are Beaver or Castoroides spawn locations on the Ark Crystal Isles map.

Ark Crystal Isles Beaver Dam Locations

The green patches indicate Beaver spawn locations, where you will typically also find Beaver Dams close by.

Some Beaver Dam locations are:

Location 1

Latitude: 21.0

Longitude:  45.1

You can find a few beaver dams at this location by the River in the snowy forest biome.

Location 2

Latitude: 38.1

Longitude:  48.5

You can find several Beaver Dams along the river found near these coordinates.

Location 3

Latitude: 42.3

Longitude: 39.7

This location is a good beaver spawn point where you will find several Beaver Dams by the water body.

Location 4

Latitude: 77.6

Longitude: 60.0

This location is a good beaver spawn point where you will find several Beaver Dams by the river

Location 5

Latitude: 63.7

Longitude: 68.8

This Spawn biome location is a good beaver spawn point where you will find several Beaver Dams by the pond.

How to Farm Cementing Paste

Cementing Paste can be acquired in a few different ways, the most suitable being from Beaver Dams. Since these dams respawn, provided you destroy them by collecting all the resources in the inventory, they provide an infinite supply of Cementing Paste.

The way to harvest these dams is to get close by, agro the beavers, lead them away from the dam, and collect the resources. Be careful not to kill any of the beavers to ensure respawn of the dam.

Other ways of obtaining Cementing Paste include taming an Achatina, placing them on a metal foundation, filling up their inventory with stones, and enabling wandering. The Achatina will produce Achatina Paste which is the direct substitute for Cementing Paste. You can collect the Paste later or place Gacha on both sides to collect it for you. Place stones or food in their inventories to stop them from consuming the Paste.

Another method includes making a Beelzebufo eat a Titanomyrma and Meganuera, which will convert into Cementing Paste.

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