Ark Crystal Isles Artifact Locations

There are a total of 18 Artifacts on the Ark Crystal Isles map and we'll be talking about all of them in this guide.

In Ark Crystal Isles, Artifacts are unique items dispersed around the whole map. These items are well hidden inside the depths of cave systems and other dangerous locations so obtaining all of them is a challenge.

Currently, the only use for Artifacts on Ark is to utilize them when summoning bosses. After placing them on a pedestal you can also use them as a decoration item. Artifacts emit a light that can indicate nearby players of their locations.

There are a total of 18 Artifacts on the Ark Crystal Isles map. The following guide will look into acquiring each one, discussing their in-game locations.

Ark Crystal Isles Artifact Locations

The 18 Artifact in Ark Crystal Isles are as follows:

  • Artifact of Brute
  • Artifact of Clever
  • Artifact of Crag
  • Artifact of Cunning
  • Artifact of Depths
  • Artifact of Destroyer
  • Artifact of Devious
  • Artifact of Devourer
  • Artifact of Gatekeeper
  • Artifact of Hunter
  • Artifact of Immune
  • Artifact of Lost
  • Artifact of Massive
  • Artifact of Shadow
  • Artifact of Skylord Artifact
  • Artifact of the Skylord
  • Artifact of Stalker
  • Artifact of Strong

The following map indicates all in-game locations for Artifacts on Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles Artifact Locations


Where to Find the Brute Artifact

Latitude: 71.95

Longitude: 77.36

The Artifact of the Brute is located in the swamp biome. Fly over to the area and land on the pillar by the coordinates 71.9,77.3 to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Clever Artifact

Latitude: 59.3

Longitude: 33.1

The Artifact of the Clever is located in a cave in the Blood Fall area. Venture to the coordinates 54.1,33.5 and head to the cave entrance at the coordinates 58.5,33.2.

Enter the cave and head straight ahead to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Crag Artifact

Latitude: 76.0

Longitude: 42.5

The Artifact of the Crag is located outside the Wyvern Den by the desert biome. Approach the area on a flying tame and land down at the Artifact coordinates to obtain it.

Be careful of Wyverns in the area, escape as soon as you acquire the Artifact.

Where to Find the Cunning Artifact

Latitude: 83.1

Longitude: 25.6

The Artifact of the Cunning is located underwater on the edge of White Shoals. Go underwater at the coordinates 83.4,25.4 and go straight down to find the Artifact.

You may be required to bring SCUBA gear and a water creature along with you.

Where to Find the Depths Artifact

Latitude: 32.3

Longitude: 24.4

The artifact of Depths is located in a water tunnel under the Redwood forest. The easiest approach is through a cave entrance for the bee cave at the coordinates 32.7,31.1.

Enter the cave, turn left, follow the path down to the body of water, and swim underwater towards the right. You will need SUBA and preferably a good sea tame.

Keep following this path, take a left at the fork, then a right, and then stick to the left and keep following the path to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Destroyer Artifact

Latitude: 66.7

Longitude: 64.8

The Artifact of the Destroyer is located in the lake in the swamp biome.

The lake is filled with dangerous creatures so be careful. The Artifact will be located by its gates.

Where to Find the Devious Artifact

Latitude: 74.8

Longitude: 42.9

The Artifact of the Devious is located inside the Wyvern Den itself. Venture to the Area on a fast-flying creature to escape the Wyverns.

Take the entrance to wyvern den at the coordinates 75.3,42.9. Fly straight down to find the Artifact of a ridge and escape immediately after obtaining it.

Where to Find the Devourer Artifact

Latitude: 15.5

Longitude: 44.9

The Artifact of the Devourer is located in the Artic Biome by the large open area on top of the stone pillar.

Where to Find the Gatekeeper Artifact

Latitude: 68.4

Longitude: 50.6

The Artifact of the Gatekeeper is located in the Desert biome. Land and find a natural rock structure section. Go up the path to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Hunter Artifact

Latitude: 66.5

Longitude: 40.8

The Artifact of the Hunter is located at the edge of the desert biome. Venture to the area on a flying tame, to find the Artifact on top of a stone pillar. This is easier to locate during the nighttime.

Where to Find the Immune Artifact

Latitude: 30.0

Longitude: 24.2

This artifact will be found in the Redwood forest. When approaching the area on a flying tame look for a lake going inland, and land straight down to come across a fallen tree trunk.

The artifact will be found inside this tree trunk.

Where to Find the Lost Artifact

Latitude: 22.5

Longitude: 43.9

The Artifact of the Lost is located in a tunnel underwater in the snow biome. Come across against the redwood biome lake to find the snow biome, and come towards the end by the ice on the water.

Go straight underwater from this point to find the entrance to the tunnel, you will be required to bring SUBA gear and a sea creature along.

Follow along the tunnel and take a left at the fork to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Massive Artifact

Latitude: 54.7

Longitude: 52.0

The Artifact of the Massive is located in the Copper Peaks. Venture to the area and locate the waterfall. The Artifact will be found just ahead of the base of this waterfall.

Where to Find the Pack Artifact

Latitude: 48.1

Longitude: 74.5

The Artifact of the Pack is located in the temple cave. Head to the floating islands, locate the giant orange crystals and land on the island to the left of it.

The cave entrance is at the coordinates 48.5,75.4. Enter the cave and continue along the path, note you will be required to equip a gas mask to avoid getting mega rabies from the Megalanias.

Where to Find the Shadow Artifact

The Artifact of the Shadow is located in a cave in the Eldritch biome.

Fly over to the Eldritch biome and locate the massive glowing crystals and head straight down. Make your way through avoiding the dangers of this area to find the Artifact at the end of this path.

Take the stair downwards to find the Artifact.

Where to Find the Skylord Artifact

Latitude: 38.8

Longitude: 44.8

The Artifact of the Skylorf is at the base of the waterfall in the plains before the snow biome. Head to the coordinates 40.8,43.7 to find the waterfall straight ahead.

Fly through its base to obtain the Artifact.

Where to Find the Stalker Artifact

Latitude: 13.8

Longitude: 24.0

The Artifact of the Stalker will be found in an underwater cave in the Redwood biome.

You must enter the water at the coordinates 13.8,25.4 and will be required to bring a sea creature and SCUBA gear. The cave entrance is directly below these coordinates.

Swim directly down on your sea tame to find the Artifact by the cave entrance.

Note the path is significantly dangerous considering the presence of predators.

Where to Find the Strong Artifact

Latitude: 33.9

Longitude: 55.5

The Artifact of the Strong is located in the Ice Cave. The easiest approach to the Ice Cave is by venturing into the snow biome, locating the waterfall, and going across the ice patch at the base of the waterfall.

The entrance to the cave is at coordinates 31.5,50.7, you will be required to wear arctic gear to avoid freezing to death.

Enter the cave on a flying creature, follow the path, go up the ridge, and take a right at the fork.

Follow this path till you find a dead end, turn around, and fly up to find the Artifact on a platform.

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