Ark Aberration Metal Locations

Many different kinds of rocks can be harvested in Ark, but only a few of these are truly valuable. Metal rocks in Ark Aberration generally appear softer and brighter than normal rocks.

Because metal should always be processed into ingots to manufacture various tools and structures, it is crucial to know where to seek it and how to harvest it effectively.

This guide will cover all of your questions related to Metal Farming Locations in Ark Aberration and what are the uses of this resource.

Ark aberration metal farming locations

Metal is found almost all over the world and is distributed quite evenly. Typically, risky or difficult-to-reach places like mountain peaks, caverns, rivers, coves, and deep-water sources have greater metal rock densities.

Although the production may vary from source to source, you will surely farm metal from all of these sources. The rocks that provide the most metal are those that are brilliant gold or black and blue. Normal rocks produce relatively less metal.

After you mine them, most metal rocks require about an hour to respawn. Luminous Region’s blue-veined black rocks produce a significant amount of metal in addition to the golden-colored metal rocks in Ark Aberration.

A pickaxe, a mining drill, or an Ankylosaurus is used to harvest the rocks. While the Metal Pick gives significantly extra metal per rock than other pickaxes, the Ankylosaurus is the most effective method of gathering metal.

All Metal Farming locations in Ark Aberration are marked on the map below:

Ark Aberration Metal Locations

Some of the best locations to farm metal are mentioned below:

Location #1

Another Metal deposit can be farmed in Ark Aberration at the following coordinates:

  • 59.4 LAT
  • 45.2 LON

Location #2

Head over to the coordinates mentioned below to farm metal:

  • 52.7 LAT
  • 53.6 LON

Location #3

Metal can be farmed at the following coordinates:

  • 47.6 LAT
  • 47.7 LON

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