ARK Aberration Best Base Locations Guide

This extensive guide will help you find the best possible locations where you can set up your base in the ARK Aberration expansion.

Bases in Ark Aberration are places you can use for storing different resources, hatching eggs, and giving a home to your Tames. Because of all these things, selecting a good base location can get a little tricky for you.

You will need a place that is free from dangerous predators and close to the essential resources in Ark Aberration. We will cover some of the best base locations and some sneaky ones to fulfill all your needs in Ark Aberration.

Best base locations in Ark Aberration

ARK Aberration Best Base Locations

  • Red Circle: Best Base Location
  • Yellow Circle: Hidden Base Location

Location #1

This location is at 42.0 LAT and 51.3 LON.

It is Waterfall Cliff in the blue zone of the Ark Aberration that has a lot of flat areas for you. You will also find some Drake Eggs and Charge Station here, which increases the importance of this location. You can set up small bases on the roots to stay safe from predators.

Location #2

Head to 36.3 LAT and 61.4 LON to find this location.


It is a waterfall cave that you can find in the blue zone. Its entrance is right at the top of a small waterfall. You will discover many flat spaces inside to set up your extensive base, and its security wouldn’t be a big issue.

Location #3

You can find this location at 26.2 LAT and 48.8 LON.

Use a vast Rock Ledge to set up a significant base in Ark Aberration. You will find resources like mushrooms and wood right next to the base. It is a pretty isolated location so you can try it for building a base.

Location #4

You must get to 14.4 LAT and 41.4 LON to find this location.

It is a mechanical ridge location where you can set up a massive castle-like base in Ark Aberration. It is right over the lake, so you can stay close to many resources.

Location #5

This location is at 30.0 LAT and 32.0 LON.

These coordinates will take you to the rock cliff circle in Ark Aberration. Here you will find small ledges where you can set up your bases. You can even try to make a suspended base here that protects you from all the ground creatures close to this location.

Location #6

This location is at 21.5 LAT and 30 LON.

You can say it is one of the best locations for your base. It is a mechanical structure, and you have a lot of options for its rebuilding. You can have a huge base here. It is a great spot to experiment since you have many options.

Hidden base locations

Location #1

Head to 50.7 LAT and 33.6 LON to find this location.

It is more of a hollow cliff that you can find at the coordinates mentioned above having loads of small entrances. You can also build some platforms on the side of the cliff. It will be an excellent hidden base location where you wouldn’t have to be in danger.

Location #2

This entrance is located at 57.3 LAT and 54.3 LON.

These coordinates will take you to a crack in the cliff, which is the entrance of our next hidden base. It is an extended cave-type area where you can set up your base and place some forge inside it.

Location #3

This location is at 42.7 LAT and 56.6 LON.

It is one of the best-hidden locations whose entrance can be found at the coordinates mentioned above. A small entrance will take you to some open area to build your base. It doesn’t have many entrances; you will not need to worry a lot about protecting it.

Location #4

Go towards the 24.2 LAT and 46.8 LON to find this hidden location.

It is another excellent spot to build some tower bases. Right after entering it, you can find a lot of areas below. It also has a small entrance at the bottom that you can easily guard. It will be great for some bigger tribes as well.

Location #5

The cave entrance is located at 37.1 LAT and 36.0 LON.

One of the best-hidden locations to build a base is right underneath the Alpha tree. You will have a lot of crack area inside to build some bases. You can’t fit in dinos, but it is a great hidden spot.

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