Ark Aberration Alpha Basilisk Location and Taming Guide

The Alpha Basilisk in Ark Aberration is just like the normal Basilisk but larger and has a red glow. It is the fastest land tame that you can have in Ark Aberration. However, finding and taming this creature is not that simple. You can only ride this creature by force-taming it, and in this, we will give you complete details on how to do it.

Where to Find Alpha Basilisk in Ark Aberration

Alpha Basilisk is a creature that is quite challenging to find. They are found in most of the areas marked on the map below.

Ark Aberration Alpha Basilisk Taming Guide

The coordinates of two areas where the chances of Alpha Basilisk spawn are highest are following.

  • 5°Latitude, 29.4°Longitude to 23.3° Latitude, 50° Longitude
  • 7° Latitude, 29.49° Longitude to 39.5° Latitude, 50.0° Longitude

It is possible to find an Alpha Basilisk while searching within the coordinates mentioned above. If you have difficulty finding one, you can also summon it using the console cheat below.

cheat gmsummon”magabasilisk_character_bp_c”1000


Do note that this cheat will summon an Alpha Basilisk that is not tamed and will attack you. You can force-tame it pretty quickly using the following cheat.

cheat forcetame

If you want to collect the drop from Alpha Basilisk, you can also take it out. Taking it out wouldn’t be difficult if you followed our strategy.

How to Kill an Alpha Basilisk

The first thing you will need to remember is if you face it in the wild, don’t get close to it. It would be best if you had some strong tames to deal with these creatures, and you could use ranged weapons.

It can use poison attacks, so be careful of that. It has an incredible speed, so running away from it wouldn’t be an option.

You can take it underwater and kill it easily using the Spinosaurus and Rock Drake, as it cannot attack you while underwater. Its speed is not as fast underwater as on the ground. It would be best if you lured it inside the water.

Once killed, it will drop the following items.

  • Alpha Basilisk Fang
  • Basilisk Scale
  • Hide
  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat

How to Force Tame an Alpha Basilisk

As you know by now, you cannot tame this creature usually in Ark Aberration. To get a tame Alpha Basilisk, you must follow the following cheat.

cheat gmsummon”magabasilisk_character_bp_c”1000

Once it appears, use the cheat forcetame command to tame this creature in Ark Aberration. If at any point you want to get rid of the Alpha Basilisk you summon, you can use the following cheat.

cheat destroytarget

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