Are We Going to See Need for Speed Heat Announced at Gamescom 2019?

After Gameware's leak of the game beforehand, players expect EA to reveal Need for Speed Heat at Gamescom 2019 within 19 days.

We already know that EA is going to release a Need For Speed game this year. It wasn’t announced at E3 2019 or showcased at all. We haven’t even had an official confirmation outside of its presence in ongoing development. After an Australian retailer leaked the title, rumors began circulating. The strongest one right now being that we might see Need for Speed Heat announced at Gamescom 2019. That rumor has been officially confirmed now.

I mean where else are we going to see EA announce Need for Speed Heat? They missed their chance at E3 2019 where Fifa and Jedi: Fallen Order took the spotlights. Gamescom 2019 is the next best place to announce a new title. E3 have stated, however, that Need for Speed 2019 will be unveiled at Gamescom 2019.

We’ve different talks of what to expect in the game. The main focus was said to be cars and customization. I was absolutely shocked to learn that a Need For Speed game is about to focus on cars, like damn. But anyways, the customization aspect is very much welcome.

Furthermore, EA added the expectation of the fan-favorite Cops vs Racers mechanic to be returning as well.

Gamescom 2019 is in about 19 days from right now. The event takes place in Europe and considers itself the heart of gaming. Fret not, the event will be live-streamed for those that aren’t able to attend it. If there are Need for Speed Heat anticipating fans out there, this is your chance to see the Need for Speed Heat reveal.

EA hasn’t confirmed any Need for Speed Heat release date either. Considering the retailer in Australia did put the game up for purchasing suggests that date might not be too far away. It’s difficult to tell if it will land this year, however. The answer will be given to us at Gamescom 2019.

It has been a while since Need for Speed Payback so it would be a refreshing change of pace. Need for Speed games have maintained a lukewarm performance in recent years. Will Need for Speed Heat be the breakthrough they were looking for? Find out at Gamescom 2019.

Source: Gameware

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