New Need For Speed 2019 Will Bring Back Cops Vs Racers Fantasy: EA

Need for Speed 2019 will bring back cops vs racers concept. Need for Speed games have been using this concept successfully in the past.

Alongside Jedi Fallen Order and Plants Vs Zombies, EA has another game primed for a Q3 release later this year. Need for Speed 2019 is a confirmed Q3 release and a recent statement from the higher-ups reveal the return of the cops vs racers concept to Need for Speed games. Need for Speed 2019 will follow in the cops vs racers concept stared with the original Need for Speed Most Wanted.

EA CEO has stated that the core goal for Need for Speed 2019 is revitalizing the cops vs street racers mentality. We saw a glimpse of this with the release of Need for Speed Payback but the core story revolves around revenge.

Cops vs racers concept was properly implemented with Need for Speed Rivals. Players were able to switch between cops and racers in an online open world. While the game isn’t best of the Need for Speed games, the core concept can still be used in a better way. Hopefully, Need for Speed 2019 will be able to deliver.

The Q3 release window for Need for Speed 2019 puts the release date somewhere in between August and September. An official announcement will be made at E3 most likely. It will be accompanied by gameplay footage and previews as well.

The mutual assumption is that Need for Speed 2019 is being developed by Ghost Games, the same team behind a few previous console NFS games but there is no confirmation for the time being.

Need for Speed games series saw its first entry in the 90s. The 2019 installment will be the 22nd entry into the main series. There are multiple spin-offs games as well including Need for Speed World, No Limit, and Motor City Online.

Source: EA

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