Your Single Player Space in Anthem Won’t Be Vastly Different from Others, Basically It’s the Same Space

Anthem game director, Jonathan Warner recently revealed that the single player space aka Fort is going to be customisable and will bring new certain events.

Anthem is the biggest project in works by BioWare and EA. Since the reveal, all the players have been excited about its unique approach and how it’s going to be different from games like Destiny. BioWare has been busy a lot lately revealing details about the game. Recently game’s director, Jonathan Warner was a part of a very detailed interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he discussed the single player story space of Anthem.

Jonathan Warner confirmed that the single player place space in Anthem aka Fort will have some customization options and reactivity but they are not huge. Except for characters, forts of each character will almost look the same because basically, they are inside the same spaces.

There will be new events happening in single player space (Fort) throughout the story as you make decisions.

The fort has a couple of different vectors of customization and reactivity. Characters that will be in the fort between mine and yours will differ. Your fort won’t ever look vastly different than mine, they’re basically the same spaces. But as you progress through the story, there are certain things that will happen that will make it look different, and that’s just a timeline issue. As you make decisions inside of the story, that’s where certain characters will show up or not show up, certain events will happen inside the fort that will change some of the architecture, but I wouldn’t say, “Oh my God, it’s a vast difference!”

As for the decisions go, Jonathan Warner was then asked about the different factions in Anthem. How these interactions will change your in-game story or what will you get for interacting with factions in Anthem.

You will gain in-game reputation for completing tasks and it depends on what you do. Interacting with Factions in Anthem will reward you with perks which you can use to enhance your Javelin.

Yes, you gain reputation with the different factions depending on what you do for them. They will unlock different perks for you that usually, you will be able to use to express yourself on your Javelin. Whether that’s a piece of [cosmetic] customization or a crafting recipe for a unique weapon or item, it would be something along those lines.

In the same interview,  Jonathan was also asked about the comparisons being made between Destiny and Anthem since its reveal. Jonathan is very confident about their game and these comparisons do not upset him at all, he mentioned.

As for the matchmaking goes, BioWare is going to make sure that you don’t have a horrible experience when you start playing.

BioWare will first look at your pilot level and who you are actually playing with. No matter what, the team will make sure that you are not struggling instead you are having the best experience possible in the game.

We also got to see the first story trailer of Anthem at The Game Awards 2018. You can check it out here as it tells what these freelancers in the game are up to and why they have to take on the villains.

Anthem will release on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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