Anthem is a “Great BioWare Story,” Future Expansions Confirmed

This year’s E3 was a little underwhelming but there was a silver lining at the end of the disappointment tunnel. BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, was teased during EA PLAY and when we say teased, it means nothing apart from a short trailer came up. However, Microsoft scratched our itch to know more about BioWare’s Anthem during its E3 2017 conference.

BioWare’s Anthem is EA’s next major offering that reportedly went under development mid-way to Andromeda. Announced as Project Dylan, it reportedly took away a number of prominent figures from Andromeda’s development team.

Anthem is described as an “action adventure” game and not a role-playing experience. The story-telling team at BioWare excels in the latter, but should not be counted out even if the game has slightly deviated from the genre.

Players can expect  “the great RPG character development and story progression that BioWare is known for.” But not only that, Anthem is a “great BioWare story,” according to Creative Director Jonathan Warren.

While Warren couldn’t say much about the lore and story of the game, he did confirm that it is a cooperative story and players will uncover the secrets of the world and can form their own stories as they dig through its “landscape of primeval beauty.”

Anthem is a part of EA’s games as service strategy and Warren confirmed that they want the player to engage over a long period of time. Expect to see expansions, and add-ons and other types of content released to boost the lifespan of Anthem.

We are building the world in a way that we can continually expand it, that we always give you more reasons to come back and play it. So I think packing the world like this full of stories is what we are really after.

The statement certainly hints at single player expansions and DLC for the future. Multiplayer is also a part of most BioWare games but Warren refrained from speaking about PvP.

However, the world of Anthem does look more suited for coop experiences. It seems to be BioWare and EA’s answer to Bungie’s Destiny.

Anthem features a rich expansive world that is full of life. The beautiful scenery of vast mountains and lush forests makes us hope that we will be able to explore to some degree.

Anthem will release sometime next year for Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC. The title is optimized for better graphical performance on Xbox One X.

Do you think BioWare can pull it off with Anthem? Or will it be another disappointment like Mass Effect: Andromeda? Share what you think in the comments below.

Source: E3 2017

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