Anthem Offers 6 Different Difficulty Options, High Risk High Reward Strategy

BioWare has revealed through the latest Anthem gameplay that it has a total of 6 different difficulty options from ranging from easy to grandmaster.

Recent gameplay of Anthem has revealed that the game offers 6 different difficulty options for every kind of player. Beginners can choose to play on easy difficulty to get things done and Grandmaster difficulties are available for those who are looking for tough challenges and big rewards.

6 different difficulty options offered by Bioware include Easy, Medium, Hard which will be available from the beginning. Grandmaster difficulties will be unlocked later. Furthermore, you will get a higher chance of rare gear drop linked to the difficulty that you have chosen. So in short, the higher difficulty option brings you more and unique rewards. Basically, BioWare is creating a nice risk vs reward experience to make the game playable for longer.

You can play all of the activities in the game with any difficulty you like. As revealed by IGN, solo activities in the game are doable on easy but if you really know what you are doing, you can increase the difficulty for more challenge and fun.

Lastly, the hard difficulty will make things even tougher as you will be required to team up with other players to complete a certain mission or contract. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team because Anthem creators have confirmed that there will be matchmaking for almost every activity in the game so you won’t have to do anything on your own.

That’s not it as when you reach the level cap of 30, Anthem’s End Game will start which also unlocks a new tier of difficulties including Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3. Grandmaster 3 is your best take to have rare gear in the game but it’s also the toughest challenge in the game.

Grandmaster 3 makes enemies deadlier than ever. Enemies will have increased health and damage which is said to increase by 3,100 percent. This confirms that the players will be busy for a long time by moving from one difficulty to another. To attempt Grandmaster 3, you will be required to do a lot of grinding as most games require you to do before attempting the ultimate challenges.

Just a month remains until you can try out the game yourself to see it all. If you can’t wait then you should pre-order BioWare’s Anthem today to have access to VIP demo. VIP demo of the game is now available for pre-load on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s also going to be different than the original game as Mark Darrah has confirmed. Anthem VIP demo will drop you in the middle and gives you access to a powerful Javelin along with some crazy weapons to shoot with.

If you want to try the game first before you pre-order then don’t worry as there’s also a public demo planned which starts on February 1.

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