Anthem Closed Alpha Registrations Now Live, Sing-Up Now

Bioware has promised an Anthem demo but, before that select players will be able to take part in Anthem Closed alpha as signups have begun.

Anthem is over a couple of months away from launch. Bioware has promised an Anthem demo for those who have subscribed to Origin Access Premier or have preordered the game. However, before that players will be able to take part in Anthem Closed alpha.

Anthem Closed alpha will start next week. But, given that it’s closed, only select players will be invited. First, you need to sign up for Anthem Closed alpha. Go to the official website for Anthem Alpha and sign up. The closed alpha starts on December 8 and ends on December 9.

For EA Anthem alpha registration, you need to sign an NDA that restricts players from talking about it online. This is basically a playtest for Anthem before it launches.

The purpose of the Anthem closed alpha is to test matchmaking before the game is released. Also, EA has noted that those who pre-ordered Anthem or are subscribers of EA Access won’t be given any priority.

Also, Bioware will allow selected players to pre-load Anthem before closed alpha actually starts. It seems that Bioware wants to iron out Anthem matchmaking issues before it officially launches. Anthem alpha registration will end on December 3.

This Anthem Alpha sing up will allow selected players to play the game before it launches and see for themselves if the game is worth a shot. However, given that it is an Alpha, the game build provided is going to be a work in progress so don’t get your hopes up.

Speaking of the game, before Anthem closed Alpha goes online, Bioware will reveal a new Anthem trailer at the Game Awards 2018. We might also get to see some new Anthem gameplay at the event.

We all know that Anthem is a multiplayer game with a focus on gameplay. However, previous Bioware titles had a strong focus on story and single-player elements. This means Bioware is out of its comfort zone with Anthem but, for Bioware it is Invigorating.

According to creative director Jonathan Warner, talking about Anthem gameplay instead of its world and narrative is very invigorating.

It’s very refreshing, it’s invigorating. And usually, when you talk about a Mass Effect or a Dragon Age, people invariably end up talking about the plots or the points, and it’s very refreshing, when people talk about Anthem, they talk about flying or fighting monsters, or the gear, the Javelins, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to put gameplay first.

Furthermore, following the disaster that was Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware has promised that it won’t use Andromeda’s facial tech for Anthem.

According to Bioware, they have moved on to a new technique so that the weird facial animations don’t break the immersion.

Not only that, Anthem’s all story DLC will be free. This is a good step from the developers and it is somewhat surprising as well given that Anthem is based on a live-service model.

Anthem is an open-world multiplayer Action RPG in development at Bioware. The game rolls out on February 22, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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