Talking About Anthem Gameplay Instead Of Its Plot Is “Invigorating”, Says Bioware

According to Bioware when anyone talks about Anthem their they talk about its gameplay and combat mechanics is very refreshing.

Anthem is the next title from developer Bioware, however, instead of being a strictly single-player title, Anthem is multiplayer focused game. This is the very reason when anyone talks about Anthem they talk about its gameplay and combat mechanics and according to Bioware, this is “very refreshing“.

This is according to creative director Jonathan Warner who noted in the latest interview with GamesTM.

According to Warner, talking about Anthem gameplay and combat instead of its world and narrative is very invigorating unlike Bioware’s previous games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect where gamers want to know more about how complex the choices and the narrative will be.

It’s very refreshing, it’s invigorating. And usually, when you talk about a Mass Effect or a Dragon Age, people invariably end up talking about the plots or the points, and it’s very refreshing, when people talk about Anthem, they talk about flying or fighting monsters, or the gear, the Javelins, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to put gameplay first.

However, Warner noted that the story and the world are still just as important as the gameplay as this is still a priority for Bioware to tell compelling stories and Anthem is the result of this combination of incredible gameplay and storytelling.

It’s very important to us that we create immersive worlds, where you can have companionship, and where you get to be the hero of your own story,” he said. “I think those elements are very much intact with Anthem. We’re adding things to it, we’re adding these interesting social storytelling elements to it. But, those moments, that companionship and strong characters, those are very much there.

From what gameplay footage we have seen so far, the game looks beautiful and the facial animations also look incredible.

However, if you are still skeptical that the game will fall short in the facial animation department then fear not as Bioware has confirmed that Anthem won’t use Andromeda’s facial tech.

We had used a specific piece of technology up to and including Andromeda that we’re not using anymore. Part of it is just paying more attention to it and making sure it’s tuned properly and giving it specific attention.

Anthem is a multiplayer action adventure game in development at Bioware and is scheduled to launch on February 22, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamingbolt

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