Anthem’s The Game Awards 2018 Trailer Is One of Many Scheduled for December 6

A Game Awards Anthem trailer will be one of the multiple different trailers coming to the event when December 6 rolls around.

BioWare has announced that a new Game Awards Anthem trailer will be part of the event when it airs on December 6, joining a number of other games that will have trailers there alongside at least ten different announcement trailers. While we don’t know what will be in it, hopefully it’s good.

Anthem tells the story of a city of humans on a foreign planet, limited by its hostile environment to the heavily fortified city of Fort Tyrus. The only people allowed outside of the walls are Freelancers, skilled pilots who make use of Iron Man-like power armor suits called Javelins.

We don’t know much about the game’s story, however, so it’s possible that the new Game Awards Anthem trailer will give us an actual story to work with rather than more gameplay, which the game’s appearances at everything from E3 to TGS and more haven’t been skimping on.

If they don’t give us more story in the upcoming new Game Awards Anthenm trailer, Anthem might run into the same issue that Destiny did on its own launch, where despite solid gameplay there wasn’t very much content and the story was disjointed and hard to follow. It’s hard to think of considering the game is being developed by BioWare, a developer known for great stories, but it’s still possible.

Either way, Anthem is an unknown property that has to overcome a lot of trepidation from the BioWare fanbase in order to be successful. The game hasn’t been popular since its announcement due to fans wanting more Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, and the failure of Mass Effect Andromeda has also caused a lot of worry that if the game fails, EA will kill BioWare like they did with Visceral.

Hopefully the new Game Awards Anthem trailer will be able to drum up some more hype for the game and make it a success that BioWare can be proud of. The game comes out on February 22 of 2019 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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