Anthem Alpha Launch Date Will Be Coming December 8, Runs To December 9

The Anthem Alpha launch date has been announced to be December 8, and you'll have to sign up if you want to actually get in on time.

EA has announced the Anthem Alpha launch date, and it will be coming on December 8. The period will be a closed alpha, allowing only a certain group of players the opportunity to come in and experience the game for themselves. The Alpha will be for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

This will be the first widely-released portion of Anthem that multiple people can actually play, as the game has constantly only been available to play in various gaming events like E3 and others. However, as it’s an Alpha, the scope of it will be severely limited, smaller than what BioWare wanted to put in the demos.

Anthem tells the story of a group of humans on an alien world, where they are holed up in the city of Fort Tarsus except for a group of special people known as Freelancers, who leave the city in power armored suits called Javelins to explore the world and run missions.

The Anthem Alpha launch date will be December 8, but will run until December 9, only allowing a few hours of time for invited players to look at it. Hopefully when they start running a beta for the game, which releases on February 22 of next year, we’ll be able to get more experiences out of it. For such a short alpha however, we can likely only expect maybe one or two missions and a bit of free-roam.

In order to be able to access the game on the Anthem Alpha launch date, you’ll have to sign up to EA’s Community Playtest program by December 3. That means you only have until Monday, so if you want to play Anthem you’ll have to move fast. While we don’t know if players will be picked at random or if everyone that signs up will be picked, it will still likely be a small group.

Anthem will be coming out on February 22 of 2019 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so hopefully the Alpha and its following Beta will be able to persuade people to see what BioWare can do on a more open-world multiplayer scale.

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