Anthem System Requirements Confirmed for Alpha

Anthem system requirements are confirmed and they show what you need to run the game on your PC. Alpha launch dates are expected at The Video Game Awards 2018.

EA’s Anthem is heading into Alpha soon and players interested in this PC game can sign up right now. EA is asking fans to prepare their rigs for the coming Alpha testing sessions for Anthem. The company has shared system requirements for Anthem’s Alpha playtesting. To run this game on your PC you need a GTX 970 or AMD’s R9 390.

The game only supports a 64-bit Windows 10 but that may change outside of Alpha or when we hear more about its recommended and minimum specs on PC.

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 60 GB of free space

The signing process asks you to agree to a NDA so you won’t be able to discuss the game and its content openly without EA’s approval. The company will probably allow influencers on YouTube and Twitch to share gameplay videos and their own feature wishlist. The PC game will give limited access to the players which includes certain missions only.

During the Anthem Alpha players, players will be able to test all four types of Javelin suits. You can choose to be an Interceptor, Ranger, Colossus, or Storm. The Colossus is unlockable within a couple of hours of gameplay in the final build but it should be available from the get-go in Anthem alpha.

The final dates for Alpha are yet to be confirmed but the game will be shown during The Game Awards 2018. It is quite possible that EA will announce alpha dates for during the show.

A new gameplay trailer for Anthem will be shared at The Game Awards 2018 which should give us a launch date for the Alpha. The Game Awards 2018 are going to take place on December 6. Meanwhile, Anthem release date is set for February next year.

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