Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animals Guide

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animals Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Villagers, how to unlock them, their Requests, and more.

The Animals are the focal point of the new Animal Crossing. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animals Guide – Requests, How to Unlock, Friendship Requirements, Items Guide will tell you everything there is to know about them from their Levels at which they are unlocked to the items that they need during the course of the game.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animals Guide

Remember that Animals not at your camp will change position every 3 hours so you should make friends with them as soon as you can. New Animals are the best source of experience for the early Levels.

Animals usually have a preferred crafting material, which is given when a request is completed and they also have a theme for which they occasionally give essence.


Animals Requirements

At either Level 10 or 15, you will be requested to craft a special item for the Animals. The item always costs around 10,000 Bells, 150 Materials, 4 Essenes, and two Stones. You should craft these items because you will probably need them.

Each Animal gives you two sparkling stones so you will neither gain nor lose these stones as long as you only complete one of these requests. Read on to find out the item required by each Animal.

Animals Unlocks and Items

As you upgrade your camp, a villager may may unlocked. This depends on that village’s ties, and the friendship level required to invite them to the village. As the tier goes up, you unlock more villagers.


Tier Friendship Level Villagers Unlocked Requests
1 Level 1 Apollo Filbert Goldie Jay Rosie Electric Bass Space Shuttle Harpiscord   Make Up Case
2 Level 3 Bam Dotty Eugene Freya Merry
3 Level 3 Ava Beau Bianca Bluebear Boots Bunnie Butch Carmen Cherry Curt Egbert Elise Eloise Fang Goose Kidd Lily Margie Muffy Naomi Puck Robin Rocco Shari Tex Tia Vesta Wendy   Bonfire       Upright Piano Billard   Sports Table       Flower Display Case       Lucky Frog               Rock Guitar
4 Level 5 Alice Antonio Apple Aurora Bill Bob Bree Broccolo Bud Carrie Chevre Chrissy Cube Diana Drago Drake Flurry Fuchsia Gaston Hans June Ketchup Kid cat Kiki Lobo Lucky Maggie Mira Mitzi Patty Phoebe Punchy Rodeo Sandy Skye Sprinkle Static Tank Tad Twiggy     Juicy Apple TV           Driver Dan Cradle   Pancakes                   Brick Oven Spherical Radar       Greenhouse Box         Cat Tower   Afternoon Tea-Set         Tractor  
5 Level 5 or 7 Majority are level 5, some are level 7 with tier 5. Anicotti Colton Glayds Jitters Julia Maple Molly Pekoe Poppy Zell
6 Level 5 or 7 Majority are level 7. some are level 5 with tier 6. Agnes Alfonso Angus Avery Bitty Charlise Cheri Claudia Fuana Flip Francine Hamlet Hopkins Julian Kyle Marshal Merengue Moe Octavian Peanut Peewee Pierce Pietro Raddle Rex Roald Roscoe Snake Stella Stitches Tom Trucker Vic Whitney Wolfgang Kaiseki Mea Train Set Streetlight   Illuminated Heart Teppanyaki Grill Shower Staff     Takio Drum   Soccer Goal Giant GameBoy   Mic Stand     Stewpot   Ice Cream Display Butterfly Machine       Lunch Box Shaved Ice Weight Bench   Sewing Machine            
7 Level 7 Boone Cobb Diva Penolope Ribbot

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