Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diving and Sea Creatures Guide – How To Catch

When and how to catch all the sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Fishing is one thing but if you are interested in other unique aquatic creatures, Animal Crossing: New Leaf brings “Diving” to you. Yes, for the first time in the series, you will be able to dive yourself into the water and collect different form of creatures.

However, before you dive, you will need to have a diving suit. You can either use the rental suit (the Gyroid will lend it to you) which cannot be taken away from the Island, or if you have some extra bucks, you can purchase it from Tropical Island shop for 40 Medals.

After you have a wet suit of your own, you can take it anywhere you want to explore the diverse biological creatures roaming in different aquatic patches. Most of these creatures are animals (mobile) but some being plants in nature, are stationary.

Now, if you are wondering that what sort of creatures, you will be coming across or what times they will be available, you have come to the right place as I am going to describe all these deep-sea creatures one by one. Let’s get started.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Sea Creatures

Note: All these creatures can be found in the deep sea. Each creature’s value is shown in the bracket along with the name.

Seaweed (800)
Best time to find the Seaweeds is March or throughout May in the day time.

Sea Grapes (2400)
If you are looking to catch the Sea Grapes, i will recommend that you spent some time diving in the day light of August.

Sea Urchin (3200)
In early August, there are great chances of catching the Sea Urchins in the Deep Sea.

Acorn Barnacle (800)
This sea creature can be found in June through August. The recommended time to look for it is either in the morning or evening.

Oyster (1600)
I don’t know about you, but i do like Oysters. Anyway, you can find them in November through December during the day time.

Turban Shell (1200)
You need to hunt for them during the night time in teh months of May or August.

Abalone (1600)
You can find these creatures either in May or the early part of September. Best time to go diving is night.

Ear Shell (1200)
If you are looking to find the Ear Shell, nights of the month of May is the time you should be looking for it.

Clam (1200)
It’s another famous sea creature. January is the month to look for it. You should hunt it down in the day time.

Pearl Oyster (6400)
A precious sea-creature indeed. The day time of January is the best time to look for the Pearl Oysters in the Sea.

Scallop (4000)
You can find them all day in November through January.

Sea Anemone (400)
Not much valuable but if you know biology, there are totally worth it. There are different times to catch them including January, July, September, October, November and December. Any time from morning to evening is good to find them.

Sea Star (400)
Sea Star or rather famous as the Star fish can be found in the month of January or July. If you can’t find them in that duration, look for them through late September, October, November or December. Except for the night, you can look for them any time.

Sea Cucumber (600)
You can look for the Cucumbers all day in January through March.

Sea Slug (800)
The best time to look for the this creature is from November to April. You can go hunt them any time of the day.

Flatworm (800)
This bilaterally compressed creature can be found throughout the year. They will be abundant in the month of August or March.

Mantis Shrimp (5000)
Another precious sea creature you should hunt for. You can find them in March-April or the month of September is a good time to look for them. Night time is preferable if you want to find them under water.

Sweet Shrimp (2600)
This shrimp type can be found in the months of October-December during the night time.

Tiger Prawn (6400)
Just like the Pearl Oysters, these prawns are quite valuable. The nights of late September days is a good time to search for them.

Spiny Lobster (12000)
Lobsters and Crabs are expensive probably because of their edible fame. Spiny Lobster however, can be hunted during the nights of October-December.

Lobster (10000)
You can find them either in May (whole day) or the best time to find them is December during the daylight.

Snow Crab (16000)
Look for these crabs in December-February during the daylight.

Horsehair Crab (16000)
They also share the same timing and duration as that of the Snow Crabs.

Red King Crab (24000)
It’s the third most expensive creature you will find in the deep sea. December through February are the best days to hunt it down. Daylight is preferable to find them.

Spider Crab (40000)
The most expensive creature and you can find it throughout the year. You are going to need some luck to find it as its percentage appearance is quite low as compared to most of the creatures.

Octopus (4800)
My childhood friend sea creature. You can find them during the night time throughout the year.

Spotted Garden Eel (2400)
You can find this creature in Island water throughout the year. Eels cannot be found outside the Island.

Chambered Nautilus (3600)
It’s another Island exclusive creature. If you are lucky enough, you can find it any time of the year.

Horseshoe Crab (6400)
The best time to look for them is August or September during the night time.

Giant Isopod (36000)
It’s the second most expensive deep sea creature. It’s another Island exclusive with a low percentage of occurrence. There are no specific months to find this creature so keep looking till you find one.

If you find something missing, let us know in the comments and we will update the guide.

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