Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Island Tour Guide

This guide will go over the mystery island tours in Animal Crossing New Horizons and the benefit of embarking on this journey

Mystery Islands are areas that you can visit during Animal Crossing using Mystery Island Tour. Certain islands can only be visited during specific hours in the game. To explain more, we prepared this Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Island Tour guide.

The concept is that you can use a Nook Miles Ticket to visit an island that has been deserted, and there you can harvest various resources.

Islands are alternative sources to gather the things you need to further improve your island and open up more avenues for your residents. Heading to these islands to farm money, and/or get certain species to introduce into your museum is definitely a good idea.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Island Tour

Mystery Islands can be visited by heading to Orville at the airport and participate in the Mystery Tour. It’s a pretty fun feature as it really delves deep into the exploration mechanic of the game; you can find islands with different settings entirely, and perhaps take some inspiration.

Travelling to said island takes about one Nook Miles Ticket, and once you reach there, you can start to collect resources that you might have run out of on your own island.

Mystery Island Resources
You can find fruits, and even coconuts that you could not have found on your own island. Each mystery island has one resident that can be invited to come live on your island. Certain islands have specific resources that you can find exclusive to their biomes.

Tarantula Island
Probably the best island in terms of farming bells. Here, you can find two items; namely tarantulas and bamboo. You can sell each tarantula for 8,000 Bells.

That’s a lot, that’s like 8 bags of bells right off simply one tarantula. Go ahead, and farm a bunch of these to solve all your money problems.

Bamboo Island
You can find all the bamboo you need as this island has a bamboo forest ready for harvesting. Go ahead, and farm all the young spring bamboo you need since you can’t exactly find them on your own island.

Tulip Island
On this island, you can find rare tulips, that you would otherwise have to go through the hassle of cross-breeding to obtain. These tulips grow natively on this island; just bring a shovel to dig them up and take them back to your island.

Dorsal-Finned Fish Island
This island is a fisher’s dream as it can give you the following possible catches.

  • Dorsal-Finned Fish (duh)
  • Shark
  • Ocean Sunfish

Island with a Koi, Pink and Orange Roses, and Emperor Butterflies
This island yields pink and orange roses, along with emperor butterflies that spawn here infinitely. You can also go to the Koi here to fish.

Scorpion Island
As the name implies, this island has infinitely spawning scorpions that you can capture if you will. If they sting you, you will spawn back on the mystery island.

Garbage Island
On this island, if you try fishing for anything, you will only find garbage; so yeah, it’s not exactly an island you are going to want to waste a ticket for

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