Animal Crossing New Horizons Glowing Moss And Vines: How To Get And DIY Recipes List

Find the source of glowing moss and vines.

Glowing Moss, as the name suggests are glowing spots added to Animal Crossing New Horizons alongside Vines with Update 2.0 for the game. Both Glowing Moss and Vines in ACNH act as crafting materials for new DIY recipes. Both these items are also found next to each other, so we will be covering details on how you can find glowing moss as well as vines in ACNH within a single section.

How to get Glowing Moss and Vines in ACNH

As mentioned before, both the glowing moss and vine grow together. In order to harvest or pick up these items, you will either need to have the Free 2.0 update for ACNH installed or own the Happy Home Paradise DLC.


You will need to purchase Happy Home Paradise if you want guaranteed loot spots where you can find Glowing Moss and Vines in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Without the DLC, there is only a random chance that you will find these crafting materials.

If you own the Happy Home Paradise expansion, finding Glowing Moss and Vines is pretty easy. The cliff behind the Paradise Planning Office on the main archipelago island will always have Vines growing alongside it. You can climb those vines to reach the top and pick up glowing moss. Climb down and then pick the vines to add them to your inventory as well.

However, if you don’t own the DLC, you can visit Kapp’n’s mystery boat tour islands for 1000 Nook Miles to get to an island where glowing moss and vines might be growing. Since what type of island you get to visit is random, you might not always land on the island with these materials.

ACNH Glowing Moss and Vines Kapp'n Islands

On top of that, you can only visit one island per day, so finding Glowing Moss and Vines through Kapp’n Islands is a bit of a hit-and-miss method, but it is an option if you want these resources and don’t want to buy the DLC.


Both glowing moss and vines have their own separate DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons that we will be mentioning below. Like other DIY recipes, these are not available for sale. The glowing moss and vines recipes in ACNH can only be found inside message bottles on Kapp’n’s islands or the main island of Happy Home Paradise.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Glowing Moss DIY recipes

All the crafting recipes below rely on Glowing Moss in Animal Crossing New Horizons as the main ingredient. Some of them even use Vines, so whenever you are out trying to pick up glowing moss, make sure you collect vines as well.


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Glowing Moss can’t spread or be grown like flowers and wheat. So in order to get enough glowing moss for DIY recipes, you will have to find it as a resource and can’t plant your own.

Item NameIngredients
Glowing Moss Dress15x Glowing Moss
Full Body Glowing Moss Suit15x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Rug6x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Pointed Cap8x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Headband3x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Hood8x Glowing Moss
Cave10x Vine 20x Glowing Moss 30x Stone
Glowing Moss Stool8x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Boulder15x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Balloon10x Glowing Moss 1x Iron Nugget
Glowing Moss Jar3x Glowing Moss
Glow-in-the-dark stickers5x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Wreath5x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Statue5x Glowing Moss 8x Stone
Hanging Glowing Moss5x Glowing Moss 3x Vine
Round Glowing Moss Rug4x Glowing Moss
Glowing Moss Flooring10x Glowing Moss 10x Clump of Weeds 5x Stone
Glowing Moss Ruins Wall10x Glowing Moss 1x Ruins Wall
Glowing Moss Cave Wall10x Glowing Moss 10x Clay
Glowing Moss Forest Wall10x Glowing Moss 10x Hardwood
Suspicious Cauldron10x Glowing Moss 10x Iron Nugget
Glowing Moss Pond30x Glowing Moss 10x Stone

Animal Crossing New Horizons Vine DIY recipes list

Just like glowing moss, Vine in ACNH also only grows on rare Kapp’n islands or the Happy Home Paradise island. You can’t grow vines on your main island, so if you need vines for the following ACNH DIY recipes, finding them on other islands is your only option.


Excess vines can be sold for 50 bells, while glowing moss have a selling price of 25 bells.

Recipe NameIngredients
Vine ladder set-up kit1x Ladder 5x Vine
Vine Hanging Chair10x Vine
Vine Lamp5x Vine 2x Iron Nugget
Vine Bench8x Vine
Hanging Glowing Moss5x Glowing Moss 3x Vine
Woven Vine Pochette5x Vine
Vine Outfit10x Vine
Woven Vines Hat8x Vine
Vine Crown3x Vine
Cave10x Vine 20x Glowing Moss 30x Stone
Vine Garland7x Vine
Round Vine Rug4x Vine
Rope Net Flooring10x Vine
Rope Net Wall10x Vine 10x Wood
Giant Vine25x Vine
Ruined Seat3x Vine 3x Stone
Ruined Arch5x Vine 20x Stone
Ruined Decorated Pillar5x Vine 10x Stone
Ruined Broken Pillar5x Vine 5x Stone
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