Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Island Layouts Guide

Choosing a perfect island to use throughout the course of the entire game can be a challenging task. This Animal...

Choosing a perfect island to use throughout the course of the entire game can be a challenging task. This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Island Layouts Guide will walk you through all the features of a good island layout and help you choose the most suitable layout for you in Animal Farming: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Island Layouts

Initially in-game, you get to choose from one of 4 starting layouts to stick with for the entire game. There are more than 50 initial layouts from which you get an option of the randomized 4. You can reset these options to get a wider range of choices every time you reset.

To reset the layout options – once you have chosen the hemisphere and you have the 4 layout options in front of you and they don’t have the one you want, shut the game off and then restart to repeat the startup. Each time you do this, you’ll get a randomized set of 4 options.

Nevertheless, whichever Island Layout you go with, you will have the ability to modify the terrain to your liking once you unlock the Island Designer Tool. The Island Designer tool will allow you to edit rivers and cliffs as well.

Best Layouts

We have listed a few factors that determine the value of any island layout;

Resident Services – This is where you go to for building DIY items, selling items and repaying the loans. The closer you are to the resident center the more convenient the game is. It is recommended to have Resident Services in the middle of the layout.

Island Rock Locations – The rocks placed on the Island are the most important source of harvesting material and cash, which you get by hitting them using a tool. Choose a layout that has the easiest access to the rocks; they are not blocked by cliffs or surrounded by a lake.

Rivers & Cliffs – The natural landscape of the map matters at the early stage of the game until you unlock the Island Designer. The slopes on the cliff determine your waypoint from lower areas to the higher one; possibly in the village, it should be easily accessible.

The river’s path blocks your path. Choose a layout with a convenient river flow so your more used locations are not intersected by the rivers; Airport is one of the frequently used locations. Once you get a Vaulting Pole, you can vault over the river where the width is a single space.

Ponds – Provide you with a variety of fish and bugs that can not be obtained elsewhere. Check the abundance of ponds on your layout.

Fruits & Villagers – You can randomize the Island layout choices to change the villagers and the type of fruit you get as they change with every layout. Fruits can be sold to another player that does not have them for money.

ACNH Best Island Ideas

Tropical Resort – Most of islands are considered as tropical vacation locations and that’s what we aim for.

You can build an outdoor pool for yourself using up only three of your custom design slots, and with the wide variety of tile designs in the game, every pool can be different and a work of art. Follow madoodlem’s instructions on Reddit to build it.

Pirates of the Caribbean – For mates who like to sail the seas and loot everyone, Pirate themed island will be an excellent choice. It allows you to put on cannons, a moat and wooden mast to make the experience immersive.

Along with some terraforming, you can truly get your ship set up without ever getting wet. Follow @Cosmos_ray on twitter to start making your own land ship.

Farms – Most players want their experience to be sweet and simple, and what way to make it more wholesome then a farm. Combination of barns and livestock along with greenhouses, orchids and turnip fields make a great experience.

You can also make a perfect chicken coop with a few stalls and panels to make your island even more rural. Follow Mctieknots on Reddit and @daileyart on Twitter to get started.

Haunted House – We all like a good scare…sometimes, and a scary island can really stand out in a game that’s all about cute and cuddly animals. Hence, you can add unspeakable terrors to your island to make it unique.

Express your darker side with skeletons and anatomical models as you make your very own murder basement, with a few spooky paintings for good taste. To make your island the spookiest location, follow @cybearizons on Instagram to get started.

Shops – We all have needs and so do the residents of Animal Crossing. So how about you start serving them.

Make a bar to serve fresh and cool drinks to the honest and hardworking residents of the island and give them a place to refresh themselves. A guide to make a perfect bar has been put out by @morimorisenyou on Twitter.

If a bar is not your cup of tea, you can also create a market for others where they can spend quality time, and perhaps have a cup of tea.

We don’t suggest an entire cityscape but a small market with a few stalls will be more than enough for everyone. Follow @okinawa.island on Instagram for inspiration.

Train Station – Every major city or islands need to well connected to other cities and islands. You can do so for yours by actually making a train station.

We don’t say a perfect platform with vending machines or even actual trains, but a few customized brick ovens and a few stalls will do the trick. This inspirational setup is explained by @flandealmendra on Twitter.

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