Analyst Predicts Project Scorpio Price and it May Shock You!

Microsoft is keeping Project Scorpio’s price close to its chest for the time being. Last Thursday’s specs reveal was pretty interesting and confirmed Microsoft’s claim of native 4K gaming (extent of third party support for native 4K is still unknown).

The premium resolution is for premium users apparently, according to an industry analyst, Project Scorpio price may shock the community and it could very well retail for $700 or more.

IDC’s Lewis Ward stated:

I estimate the basic hardware will cost around $650, so if Microsoft wants any kind of margin at all, Scorpio will have to retail for $700 or more. If you look at the Alienware Aurora, which is a solid VR-ready PC, that currently costs about $1,000. I think Scorpio will come in below that, but how much below is unknowable at this point

Microsoft is targeting its most hardcore user base that is willing to spend money, according to the analyst. However, doing this may alienate the average consumer who is looking for a reasonably priced 4K experience. Where will he go then? PS4 Pro?

Microsoft needs to play its cards right or risk another backlash from the community. We do not want to reminisce the 2013 reveal.

The company is holding out until E3 2017 to discuss the console’s price as well as the line-up of games we will have this holiday season. There better some huge surprises ready to be shipped in 4K to make it worth buying a premium console.

Would you be willing to pay $700 or more for Project Scorpio? What is the right price point for such a device in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

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