550 Euro Scorpio Killer PC Can Give You The Same Results As The Upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio

With the official specifications revealed for the Xbox Project Scorpio, there are those that are wondering what is the base minimum hardware needed to make a Scorpio Killer PC? We are going to answer that question here for you.

When it comes to making a Scorpio Killer PC you can get away with an entry-level CPU and a high-end GPU. You could even make do with a decent mid-level GPU as well. Here we are going to consider pairing the i3 7100 with the AMD RX 480.

The i3 only has 2 cores but it has hyper-threading, plus the cores are running at a much higher frequency as compared to Project Scorpio so the i3 should work just fine at 4K 30 FPS.

For the GPU we are going to take into consideration the AMD RX 480. You can also go for the GTX 1070 and it will give you much better performance but you will also need to pay more for it. The i3 and RX 480 go well together for this Scorpio Killer PC.

Following are all the parts that have gone into building this Scorpio Killer PC:

All these components add up to a little above 550 Euros. This is around the same price the Xbox Project Scorpio will be coming out for. But look at it this way, besides gaming, there are other things that you can do on this system which you cannot do on the gaming console.


That is one way of justifying the price of buying a PC rather than a console. Plus you will have the option of messing with the settings and what not.

Let us know what you think about this Scorpio Killer PC.

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