AMD Zen CPUs Still Support FMA4 Instruction Set, Sort Of!

With its Zen architecture, AMD removed the support for the FMA4 instruction set. Turns out that the removal of the FMA4 instruction set from AMD Zen CPUs is only limited to the paper as the CPUs still support FMA4 instruction set.

Youtuber Level1Techs has discovered that AMD Zen CPUs still support the FMA4 instruction set. However, the OS still not has access to the FMA4 instruction set in the Zen CPUs.

It is unknown why AMD chose to eliminate FMA4 instruction set support from its Zen CPUs. But, speculation is that AMD’s implementation of the FMA4 instruction set was buggy and the company thought it to be best to just eliminate it from AMD Zen CPUs.

The Youtuber used OpenBLAS FMA4 test-program to check its AMD Zen CPUs still support the FMA4 instruction set or not.

AMD has also announed the Dynamic Local Mode for its Ryzen Threadripper CPUs. According to AMD, this feature will bring 47% performance boost to the CPUs.

Aside from the CPUs, AMD is also looking to bring out its next-gen 7nm GPUs later this year. While we are still waiting for them but, a report has emerged revealing “Arcturus” to be next GPU architecture following Navi.


Reportedly, GPUs based on the AMD Arcturus architecture will only compete in mid-range GPUs and will be a follow up to Polaris 500-series GPUs. The architecture will be based on the 7 nm+ process node.

According to the report, with Arcturus architecture, AMD will be implementing real codenames instead of using architecture’s real name.

Also, we will also see the release of the  2nd-gen Raven Ridge APUs in late 2018. During Hot Chips 30, AMD confirmed that it will be releasing its 2nd-gen Raven Ridge APUs by the end of 2018.

These 2nd-gen Raven Ridge APUs will be based on the 12 nm process node. Ryzen 7 2800H will be the first APU from this series to release.

These are not the only rumors circulating the internet. Reportedly, AMD Polaris 30 will be based on 12 nm process. Furthermore, AMD Polaris 30 will bring 15 % performance boost over AMD RX 500 series.

Source: TechPowerUp

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