AMD Ryzen CPU Sales Tripled During Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales

AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed AMD Ryzen CPU sales tripled over Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Here is what you need to know about the sales.

AMD Ryzen CPU sales have skyrocketed during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period. AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed that AMD Ryzen CPU sales tripled in during these sales. AMD Ryzen CPU prices are pretty competitive and after AMD Coffee Lake CPUs came out the AMD Ryzen CPU prices dropped significantly.

People have bought AMD Ryzen CPUs below the MSRP even though these CPUs were selling well at MSRP. Furthermore, some of the AMD Ryzen CPUs sold for up to $200 less than the MSRP. Having that said AMD Ryzen has done pretty good over the course of these sales. AMD CPU sales were also up because of the cryptocurrency mining trend.

Cryptocurrency mining might seem to be complicated but it is easier than you think. If you are interested in getting into cryptocurrency then be sure to check out the new cryptocurrency mining game called Cryptokitties. The game will help you understand how cryptocurrency works. The following is what AMD CEO Lisa Su had to say:

“Its really a very small percentage of our business, we think a mid-single digit percentage of our business[…]Put Bitcoin aside, no one can predict what it is going to do on a daily basis, but talk about the underlying technology which is around blockchain. And I view that as a positive foundational technology that can change the way we interact on a daily basis.”

AMD CPU sales have gone up and the CPUs are causing a disruption in the market. Although AMD graphics cards were short in the market, there were some sales in this segment of the market. We are looking forward to AMD Navi coming out later.

Let us know what you think about AMD CPUs and whether or not you are interested in picking one up now that the prices are down.

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