Nintendo Switch Was The Best Selling Product Online On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

According to Adobe Analytics, Nintendo Switch dominated online sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday on all product categories.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales are over, now it’s time to count the aftermath. Statistics show that Nintendo Switch dominated online sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This doesn’t come as a surprise due to the consoles high popularity, what’s remarkable is the fact that the console wasn’t even on sale during those days.

Adobe’s Digital Insights Initiatives report for the sales last week showed that the Nintendo Switch was the #1 selling product, not only in gaming but in all product categories,  among online retailers on all three sale days (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday). The console wasn’t on sale on any of those, however, there was a minor price drop in the past few weeks pricing it under $300.

Even though we saw PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X consoles being extremely discounted, it seems like people want to support hybrid gaming more than the market believed. Contrary to popular belief, Nintendo’s console is performing much better than any other in the market right now, with analysts admitting that its popularity won’t drop anytime soon.

With huge titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of Life, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart as well as ports like Skyrim and DOOM being already included to Nintendo Switch, it’s only natural that it will be treated differently than the Nintendo 3DS/2DS was treated before. For what it’s worth, the Switch is not a retro-jRPG handheld console but one of the best gadgets that you could own right now.

Right now, Nintendo’s stock is trading at $414.50 (or 46,417.40 yen) and is up 88.85% for the year.

Nintendo Switch’s popularity will be truly tested during the holiday sales in December. The company has announced that there will be enough copies shipped to fuel the market so that there won’t be supply shortages like it happened in its first months. For now, the market shows that the Nintendo Switch wins with its unique design and versatility.

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