AMD EPYC Rome Cinebench Score Leaked Once Again, With Proof

Chiphell user Gtx9 leaked an AMD EPYC Rome Cinebench score recently. While Cinebench is a reliable benchmark, it can be tampered with once the test has been completed.

So when Gtx9 leaked the AMD EPYC Rome Cinebench score people were skeptical. But now he is back and he has done it again. This time the user has posted a screenshot of the benchmark taking advantage of the 128 cores and 256 threads before the benchmark is completed.


While the name of the CPU is hidden we can see that the chip comes with 128 cores and 256 threads. We have heard that the upcoming AMD EPYC Rome will come with 64 cores and there will also be a 128 core version as well. If that is indeed the case then this seems like that chip. You can check out the benchmark below:


The benchmark shows that the AMD EPYC Rome CPU is able to score 12861 points, which is very close to the previous score that we have seen. It is worth mentioning that each box in the render represents one of the threads. The chip comes with 256 threads and hence there are 256 boxes. It is not impossible to photoshop this but it would be very difficult indeed.

12861 points are very impressive indeed and it is worth mentioning that the previous record was held at 10,038 points by 4 Xeon Platinums. Keeping in mind that a single chip is able to beat such a score is very impressive. If the AMD EPYC Rome chips have already been sent out to some people then this means that the actual release could be around the corner.

This is still a leak so you should not take it to heart. Wait for the official announcement by AMD. When the chips are announced we should be able to learn more about them and what they have to offer.

Let us know what you think about this AMD EPYC Rome Cinebench score and whether or not you think this is the real deal.

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