Every Skyrim Alchemy Trainer Location

Use these Alchemy trainers to hone your Alchemy Skill in Skyrim.

Like any other skill in Skyrim, you can also find trainers to improve Alchemy Skill as well. You can go to a trainer, pay for the training, and level up your alchemy skills. While you can also use an exploit and pickpocket the trainers to get your money back, this guide is about something else.

Players are allowed to level up their alchemy skill by 5 levels per character level. Each trainer has a limit on the maximum level at which they can train your character. The maximum skill level for each type of trainer is given below:

  • Adept (Level 50)
  • Expert (Level 75)
  • Master (Level 90)

In this guide, we will go through each Alchemy Trainer location so you don’t have any trouble finding them. And if you are interested in finding different ways to level up alchemy fast in Skyrim, you should refer to our detailed guide on that as well.

Arcadia (Expert)

Arcadia is an Expert-level Alchemy Trainer in Skyrim. She can be found in Aracdia’s Cauldron, located at the Whiterun marketplace. Arcadia’s Cauldron is an Alchemy Shop in Whiterun where you can also buy and sell alchemy ingredients and other ingredients and use an Alchemy Lab.

Milore Ienth (Expert)

Milore Ienth is an Expert-level Alchemy Trainer in Skyrim. She is a dark Elf and can be found at Raven Rock in Solstheim. She can be found at two places depending on your time of arrival. During the day, she can be seen outside her house, and after 8 pm, she can be found inside the house.

Lami (Adept)

lami alchemy trainer location

Lami is an Adept-level Alchemy Trainer who can be found in the Thaumaturgists Hut in Morthal. She is an Adept level Trainer and can train players in Alchemy up to level 50. She is the shopkeeper in Thaumaturgist’s Hut, where players can buy and sell alchemy-related ingredients. She also gives players an option to earn an Alhcmey Point by doing a quest, “Song of the Alchemists.”

Babette (Master)

Babette is a Master-level Alchemy Trainer in Skyrim. She is a Vampire and an Alchemist and is way older than her appearance (+300 years old). She can only be approached once players join the Dark Brotherhood. Babette also sells potions and ingredients along with some miscellaneous items.

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