Alan Wake Remastered Might Hint The Remedy Connected Universe

Alan Wake Remastered will receive a crossover to include the small fictional town of Bright Falls into the Remedy Connected Universe.

Alan Wake Remastered appears to be receiving a subtle crossover to include the small fictional town of Bright Falls into the Remedy Connected Universe.

Speaking with Axios in a recent interview, communication director Thomas Puah stated that Alan Wake Remastered will remain largely unchanged in terms of content. The gameplay will also remain the same as the original except for a few quality-of-life improvements such as removing all product placements.

However, when asked about the Remedy Connected Universe, Puah teased that players should “definitely pay attention by playing [Alan Wake Remastered], is what we are going to say.”

The Remedy Connected Universe was confirmed by developer Remedy Entertainment a while back. The idea being that all Remedy Entertainment games such as Quantum Break, Control, and Alan Wake (as well as others) take place in a single, larger fictional universe and likewise share elements of lore, storylines, and even characters.

Control, for example, featured a crossover with Alan Wake through its AWE expansion pack. Hence, it would not be surprising for Remedy Entertainment to slightly change Alan Wake Remastered to either mention Control or some of the other past games in line with the Remedy Connected Universe.

The continuous expansion of the Remedy Connected Universe holds importance when noting that Remedy Entertainment has been rumored to be working on Alan Wake 2 for a while now. The sequel was reportedly part of a two-project agreement with publisher Epic Games last year. It remains to be confirmed but those two projects may as well be Alan Wake Remastered and its potential sequel.

Alan Wake Remastered will feature massive upgrades to visuals and lighting, as well as updates to the cinematics and the character model of Alan Wake himself. His new face model now bares more resemblance to the Finnish actor Ilkka Vili who originally played the titular character and provided all motion-captured sessions and facial expressions.

Alan Wake Remastered will release somewhere in fall 2021. The base game will be accompanied by all post-release expansion packs on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

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