How To Leave The Sheriff’s Office Morgue In Alan Wake 2

Use the Mind Place to escape.

After the dead body of Nightingale comes back to life, Saga Anderson needs to find a way to leave the nightmarish morgue in Sherriff’s Office of Alan Wake 2.

How to leave the morgue in Alan Wake 2

To leave the morgue in Alan Wake 2, players are required to assemble the crime board in Saga’s mind place and find a manuscript placed near one of her living partners.

The Mind Place is a location where Saga’s character can travel anytime during the game’s playthrough and hosts a crime board that can help players with hints on what to do next in Alan Wake 2.

This may seem like an easy task however during the first set of steps the dead Nightingale will be set loose in the morgue hunting any living being. To make things simpler we’ve compiled a few steps to help you leave the Morgue in Alan Wake 2.

1. Switch to the Murder at Cauldron Case

After speaking to the Sheriff of Brighfalls, follow him to the morgue and take 5 pictures of the deceased Nightingale which include his heart, head, shoulder, wound, and hands.

Nightingale looked better in life.

Take the pictures and head into Saga’s Mind Place to switch the murder case to Murder at Cauldron and place those five pictures on the crime board.

2. Find the manuscript

Once you pin all five pictures on the crime board, a cutscene will start in which the corpse of Nightingale gets back on its feet to go on a rampage killing everyone but Casey.

You will not be able to leave the morgue, at least not yet in Alan Wake 2. What you need to do is remain under the lights until Nightingale disappears.

Then find a gun on one of the dead officers’ bodies and shoot Nightingale as he appears again in front of you. This will make him disappear and you will be tasked to find more clues.

Head to the room next to the morgue where Casey will be standing.

The first manuscript location in Alan Wake 2.

Before speaking with Casey, look for a small manuscript on the floor and interact with it. Head into your Mind Place and insert the manuscript to add more evidence against Nightingale.

3. Speak with Casey

After placing the Manuscript on the crime board, interact with Casey and exhaust all the dialogues until Casey asks you to explore the rest of the Cauldron Lake.

This will trigger the exit door to open and you can follow the other fellow officers out of the Sheriff’s Office Morgue in Alan Wake 2.

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