Age of Empires 4 Holy Roman Empire Rush Build Order

In this guide, we’ll show you how to perform an early game rush with the Holy Roman empire in Age of Empires 4!

Age of Empires 4 allows players to win by simply destroying enemy landmarks and the Town Center. So, it is especially effective to perform a rush in the early game with the right civilization. In this guide, we’ll show you how to perform an early game rush with the Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires 4!

Age of Empires 4 Holy Roman Empire Rush

The Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires 4 is especially primed to win the game early by rushing down enemy landmarks and town centers. Below we’ll discuss the build order required for an effective rush with the Holy Roman Empire; They’ll never see you coming!

Holy Roman Empire Rush Build Order

The Rush Build Order requires players to make smart decisions fast. We need to get resources fast. As soon as you start, send out a scout to gather sheep and survey all enemy territories in your area.

At the same time, make a house and get your villagers to farm resources. As you workers grow, you need to set them in the following order:

Food Wood Gold Landmark
2 2 2
4 2 2
4 2 3
8 2 3
8 2+ 3
4 2 3 4
4 4 3 4
4+ 4 3 4

This arrangement of villagers will allow you to efficiently farm the required resources, so you don’t fall short.

As your village is growing, set up at least 2 Mills, so your food production remains steady, and keep on harvesting forests for the wood. To make your villagers work faster, you can spawn a priest so that the villagers can be buffed.

After you have built your first barracks, you can either start attacking or keep on upgrading.

Now that you have a working village, let us look at how to manage your army.

Unit Management

The entire focus of this build is to rush your opponents and destroy the landmarks to win the war instead of stretching it out with long battles and killing every enemy unit.

As you get your barracks, start training your soldiers. The basic infantry units you select, and train are not that important, whoever we suggest going with archers, followed by small packs of swordsmen or spearmen.

As you train your units, upgrade your town hall, which will allow your men to make battering rams. This is the key to your sieges. You need these rams to deal massive damage to the structures in the enemy village or town, and so it’s crucial that you craft at least around 5 to 6 of these on the early stages and more later on before you start the attack.

We suggest archers, as the enemy defending troops will focus on the rams, and your archers can easily pick them off. Few groups of swordsmen will keep your archers, and if required, rams safe.

Strategies for Rush Build Success

The success depends on execution. Instead of taking your time getting overpowered, you simply crush out the competition at early stages and grow with more stability.

For battles, always prepare yourself as much as you can beforehand. Divide your army into groups if you have to attack from multiple points, and make sure how you want to move inside the settlement.

Make sure you don’t waste time and manpower attacking buildings that don’t further your cause.

To prepare yourself, place your army outside the enemy town and prepare for battles. Order your troops to build rams and attack the settlement. Your rams will charge in with a few swordsmen and start destroying the landmarks and town hall.

Your archers will provide the much-needed cover to your rams. If there are not many enemy troops attacking the ram, you order some of your soldiers to build more rams mid-fight so they can speed up the destruction process.

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