Age of Empires 4 The Rus Imperial Age Build Order

In this guide, we'll show you the Age of Empires 4 The Rus Imperial Age Rush, so you can quickly hit the end-game and overcome your opponents

Age of Empires 4 consists of four Ages starting from the Dark Age to the Imperial Age. In this guide, we’ll be showing you Age of Empires 4 The Rus Imperial Age Rush to unlock the unique unit Streltsy.

Age of Empires 4 The Rus Imperial Age Build Order

Imperial Age is the final Age in AOE4. As a beginner, you might be facing issues in regards to reaching the last Age. The plot is simple, destroy the enemy’s landmarks before they destroy yours.

To help you in reaching the Imperial Age and getting access to the unique unit known as Streltsy, we’ve prepared a detailed guide below for you.

The Rus Civilization

Let’s start off by understanding the strong points of the Civilization in question. The Rus Civilization scouts in the wild and are trained hunters.

Rus strengthen as a Civilization by reaching a higher Age in Age of Empire 4. They focus on taking benefits from their surroundings to economically enhance themselves as a Civilization.

Rus don’t have access to the Mill. However, as an alternative, they have access to The Hunting Cabin which works just like the mill in terms of production and produces gold from resources in the surroundings such as nearby trees.

The Cabin also acts as a Bounty Score generator. As you progress into the Ages, you’ll find yourself killing animals to increase the number of Bounties to earn additional Gold and food.

The Civilization is known for being a master of wilderness but more importantly for its unique units; which we’ll discuss in the section below.

Unique Units

The Rus Civilization has 3 Unique Units in their possession, The Warrior Monk, Horse Archer, and Streltsy.

The Warrior Monk is a military-based support unit that offers an upgrade to the combat skills of the units nearby once they fall victim to an enemy’s attack.

They are mainly used for three things:

Converting the opposition unit, gathering Relics, and lastly capturing Sacred Sites.

Horse Archer is a ranged cavalry unit in Castle Age possessing high mobility and is used against units with a slower melee.

Streltsy takes the last spot in the Rus Unique Unit list. This is a high-damage, light gunpowder infantry unit in AOE4 that wields a massive axe used against melee attackers.

AoE 4 Rus Imperial Age Build Order

Although reaching Imperial Age in Age of Empires 4 is difficult, it’s not impossible. You can still reach it in a short period of time by following the farming method.

As mentioned before, there are 4 Ages in the game. You’ll start the Rush on Dark Age and from there have to grind your way to the last age which is the Imperial Age.

Below we have summarized the build order for each age in order to quickly get you to the Imperial Age as the Rus and unlock the Streltsy unique unit.

Dark Age

During the first Age, you’ll have access to the Hunting Cabin that can also be used for generating Gold based upon the number of trees located nearby in the surrounding.

A prompt appears on the screen whenever you complete the given target of resource collection such as food, wood, and gold.

For wood, you can simply collect trees, gold is generated from the Hunting Cabin, as for food, just hunt down deers and sheep nearby.

Once you reach the required resources and have destroyed the enemy’s landmarks, you’ll get a selection prompt where you’ll select either an Economic or Defensive landmark to advance to the next age.

We recommend going for Economic (Golden Gate) landmark to advance to the next Age as it grows your economy; you need an increased economy at this stage.

Feudal Age

After constructing your first landmark, you’ll reach the second stage or the Feudal Age.

It’s called Feudal Age because this is where things get tough. You’ll encounter uninvited guests in your village who’ll try their level best to destroy your property.

Whenever an enemy enters your territory, you’ll get a warning message Forces Under Attack to notify and prepare you for an upcoming battle.

This is where your Horse Archer unit comes in handy as they’ll defend your territory from the first wave of enemies during the Feudal Age.

In the meantime, you can continue collecting all the resources required to build another landmark and destroy the enemy’s landmarks to advance to the next age.

Collecting the required resources triggers a prompt where you’ll be selecting either an Economic or Religious Landmark.

This time, it’s better to pick the Religious (Abbey of the Trinity) landmark as it produces Monk Warriors further adding layers to your unique unit squad.

Castle Age

Castle Age is probably the shortest and the easiest Age to go through. First off, it’s called a Castle Age because you’ll be building a Castle.

At this point in the game, the oppositions have taken over parts of your land and have built their own property on it.

To separate yourselves from them, you must construct a Castle surrounded by borders that divided the insiders from the outsiders while still collecting resources and destroying the enemy’s landmarks to reach the final Age of them all, The Imperial Age.

You’ll receive your last prompt, again giving you two options to choose from. Either Defensive or Military Landmark.

We’d suggest going for the Military (High Armory) landmark as it focuses heavily on offering you siege upgrades.

Imperial Age

Finally, you have reached the last Age in Age of Empires 4, the Imperial Age.

This Age is all about defeating the enemy and expanding your territory. Never have you seen so much chaos before in any other Age.

The last wave of your enemies will be based upon numbers. They’ll come well-armed and in groups and will try their best to destroy your landmarks.

Keep on destroying the enemy’s landmarks and expanding your own territory to finally complete the objective and get rewarded with access to the last unique unit, Streltsy.

Required Landmark Resources

Below is a table that shows the number of resources required to build a landmark for each Age:

  Age                                     Landmark    Food     Gold
    2                      The Golden Gate/Kremlin    400     200
    3           High Trade House/Abbey of the Trinity   1200     600
    4                  Spasskaya Tower/High Armory   2400    1200

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