Age of Empires 4 Rus Civilization Guide

In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we’ll be giving you an overview of the Rus Civilization and all it's unique units, landmarks, buildings and bonuses.

In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we’ll be giving you an overview of the Rus Civilization. We’ll cover what makes the Rus civilization in AOE 4 unique and all of its Bonuses, Unique Units, Buildings, Landmarks!

Age of Empires 4 Rus Civilization

The Rus Civilization in AoE 4 is from Era between 882 to 1547 CE. They gather resources more quickly and can expand rapidly in heavily forested areas. They also boast a strong early-game defense.

The Rus Civilization has a difficulty rating of 2 stars, meaning you’d have to be somewhat familiar with the game to get the most out of them.

When playing as Rus, your main focus will be chopping up wood and hunting the animals in forested areas to gain the upper hand quickly.

The loot system of the Rus Civilization in Age of Empires 4 makes it very distinct. Each time they kill an animal with Scouts they will earn a specific quantity of gold. They also unlock certain benefits when certain limits are reached.

Instead of mills, the Rus civilization has hunting camps that cost twice as much wood and generate gold based on the number of beech trees around them.

The Rus in Age of Empires 4 collects wood 20% faster under the influence of a wooden fortress. The wooden fortress is a special version of the tower which is expensive but quickly pays for itself through bonuses. Moreover, 8 units can reside in it instead of 5.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Generate Gold and increase bounty when killing animals.
  • Higher bounty provides additional food income from all resources.
  • Early knight, available in the feudal age.
  • Stronger Palisades with twice as much health.
  • Construct hunting Cabins – improved Mills that produce scouts and generate gold from nearby Forests.
  • Construct Wooden Fortress – Improved Outposts with additional health and garrison slots
  • Fishing Ships don’t have to return to a dock to drop food.

Rus Unique Units


The Streltsy is a gunpowder unit that gets stronger when stationary. They can be trained for less cost and have high melee attacks. They can dispose of heavy cavalry therefore they are ideal for raiding in the early stages of the game.

They have a high attack as well as health for this purpose. They are also extremely resistant to arrows, and you only have to avoid the spearmen. Just a few knights can create immense damage.

Warrior Monk

They inspire close-by units in combat and provide bonus damage and armor. Warrior Monks can pick up relics, convert enemies and capture sacred sites. This monk does not only perform the functions of a monk but also horseback. They are capable of attacking and increasing the resistance of allied troops by increasing their damage.

Horse Archer

This a highly mobile ranged cavalry. It is very effective against slower melee units and weak against the ranged units.

Early Knight

It is a heavy melee cavalry with a powerful charge. They are strong in melee combat and have heavy armor. They can be countered by spearmen and crossbowmen.

Lodya Ships

These can be converted into any type of ship, so they are very useful as well. Some available ships are the Lodya Fishing boat, Lodya Transport Ship, Lodya trade Ship, Lodya Attack Ship, and Lodya Demolition Ship.

There is a bonus that comes with the Lodya ship i.e., you do not have to go back to the dock to leave the food. This is the fastest method in the game to collect food; therefore, converting the ships is very economical. Though, you have to make sure that you protect them to benefit from them.


Hunting Cabin

Villagers drop off food there. It has the technology to produce scouts and improve food gatherings. It also produces gold on the bases of number of trees nearby.

Wooden Fortress

It’s a strong wooden stronghold with a good line of sight. You can use this as a garrison in case of attacks. It can be upgraded with weapon emplacements.

AOE 4 Rus Landmarks

The Golden Gate

This is an Age II economic landmark that allows the exchange of resources at a reasonable rate. It generates an extra exchange every minute. It can help with some really good trading, but unfortunately, it takes a long time to generate.


It is an Age II defensive landmark that comes with the Arrowslits, Castle Turret, and Castle Watch technology. It is an extremely useful tower because it saves us from building a tower to collect a bonus of +20% wood.

The protection it offers is also top-notch. The Kremlin in AOE 4 will generally be more useful as compared to Golden Gate, but Golden Gate can also be useful on certain maps.

Abbey of the Trinity

It is an Age III religious landmark that acts as a monastery that can produce Warrior Monks at half cost. It also has unique religious technologies. Abbey of the Trinity is known as the superior building thanks to its powerful warrior monks. An alternative in case you do not want to use its maps would be House of Alto Comercio.

High Trade House

It is an Age III economic landmark and can generate gold with the value increased by +200%. It also spawns deer every 60 seconds.

This building can work only on certain maps where wood is in large quantity. It can prove to be economical in those cases but in other cases the bonus will be much lower.

Spasskaya Tower

It is an Age IV defensive landmark that acts as a keep with all weapon emplacements already in place and with increased health. It is much better than normal castles since there is much more health in this than usual.

High Armory

It is an Age IV Military landmark that decreases the price of siege engines by -20% in the close by siege workshops. it also has some unique technologies. High Armory is preferred more since it can be used in a greater number of situations.

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