Age of Empires 4 Camel Archers Rush Tactics

This guide is dedicated to a build specific to the Abbasid Dynasty in AOE4. The Abbasids have a unique cavalry...

This guide is dedicated to a build specific to the Abbasid Dynasty in AOE4. The Abbasids have a unique cavalry unit in the form of Camel Archers and in this guide we will show you how to perform a rush with Camel Archers in Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 Camel Archers Rush

To start off the perfect Camera Archer rush tactic in AOE 4, you need to first know the right build order for your civilization.

Camel Archer Rush Build Order

To start off, queue your villagers and command them to herd the sheep. Gather and herd these sheep back to the town or in the front of the settlement.

You can also use a scout from your unit for this purpose whilst commanding your townspeople to skin the sheep. Skin and gather food from the sheep in unison with creating farms and houses.

Divide labor amongst your villagers and send a few to mine for gold. A good trick to mine for gold or any resource efficiently is to build a camp near your resource.

Make sure that you recall your scout with as many herded sheep, you don’t want your people to get hungry!

So in the end, your town has 8 villagers acquiring meat from sheep, 2 villagers mining gold and now, 2 villagers on wood.

Create a lumber camp near your resource and harvest as much wood as you can while the others resume their previous duties.

Once you have a solid 10 on food, command a villager to create the House of Wisdom.

After that set aside 4 villagers to cut and research wood for you but make sure you have harvested much of the sheep that was available to you before.

Friendly reminder, have a single scout herding for sheep constantly, you don’t need to run out of food especially when you are making your landmark now.

Now have a single villager build a house near the House of Wisdom. You can alternate between the jobs of the villagers if you don’t want to have a high population at the start.

After your villagers have a roof over their heads, set aside 6 people in total for wood. Select the House of Wisdom and research the Economic Wing.

Send 2 villagers to mine gold and the rest, from the town center, will be sent to deal with the food resources i.e; berries, sheep etc.

If you follow these steps, you will be advancing to the next stage within the blink of an eye!

Now the overall work distribution of the villagers should be:

  • 6 villagers to Wood
  • 4 to Gold
  • 16 managing the food resources

Creating Camel Archers in AOE 4

Now time to get to the crux of this guide, time to build the archer range, house and a blacksmith.

Select the villagers that you assigned to food and distribute these tasks amongst them.

During the making of these structures, make sure that you upgrade your lumber camp to acquire the ‘double broadaxe’ passive.

With all of the structures built, send your villagers back to cutting wood and managing food. You can also start recruiting your Camel Archers from the Archer range.

But to make them efficient you need to check the Smithy. This is because you will be needing the ‘Iron Undermesh’ and ‘Steeled Arrow’ upgrades to make the soldiers more deadly.

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