Age of Empire 4 Rus Knight and Archer Rush Tactics

In this Age of Empire 4 guide, we will help you understand Rus Knight and Archer Rush Tactics to overwhelm your foes!

The Rus civilization in Age of Empire 4 can, with its unique set of bonuses and abilities, spam out Knights and Archers to take down enemies early in the game. In this Age of Empire 4 guide, we will help you understand Rus Knight and Archer Rush Tactics to overwhelm your foes!

Age of Empire 4 Rus Knight and Archer Rush Tactics

So, to set up an effective rush with archers and knights in AoE 4 with the Rus Civilization, you need to quickly gather resources. To do that we’ve outlined a build order below.

Rus Knight and Archer Rush build order

As you start the game, your first task at hand is to send out a scout to find any sheep he might find. During this time, set your villagers to collecting resources for building a hunting cabin.

When the scout returns, send him out to hunt the deer in the area, this gets you both food as well as gold for every deer your scout kills. After you send the scout out again, send 5 villagers to work on the sheep.

If your first villagers have completed the hunting cabin, set him on a project to build a house. After he is done, simply send the builder to collect more wood.

Start to train a new scout who will head on and kill the deer. Send 7 more villagers to your Sheep. At the same time, send 1 villager to build Kremlin and 2 villagers to collect wood.

We build the Kremlin for the first landmark as it is a defensive structure that allows you to protect your economy while you go on building your army.

After your Kremlin is complete, we will remove the focus from the sheep. 5 more villagers will be sent to collect wood, making a total of 7 villagers, while 6 to 8 villagers, depending on how many you can spare, will be sent to deer.

Your builders will make Stables and Ranges where you can train your Rus Knights and Archers. Once the Stables and Range is complete, your build will be set to the new task of building a mining post and start collecting gold. Send 2 villagers to mine for gold, and any new villager you are getting to collect berries.

At the same time, start using your resources to build up your army of Knights and Archers.

Benefits of Rus Knight and Archer Rush

The Rus civilization has a perk where Hunting with Scouts generates Gold for you. This benefits the gathering rate as well as earning of your civilization. This allows you to focus on building faster instead of solely on gathering resources.

Due to this ability of the Rus civilization, when playing as Rush, Hunting Camps will replace Mills as the main source of earning. You don’t have to use any villagers to work the mill for you to support your civilization.

Rus Knights are very expensive to train, yet we prefer to go with them. This is because they have great mobility and good damage. The Knights are paired with archers to take out any pesky spearmen the enemy might throw at you.

Since the only purpose of the archers is to help provide cover for the enemies with better range, this task can also be accomplished with spearmen of your own.

This Build Order allows you to continuously fortify your own position without wasting too much space for farms, whilst simultaneously attacking and hindering the progress of your enemies.

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