Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Exo Upgrades Locations

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Exo Upgrades locations to upgrade your Exo Suit to the MAX.

Acquiring an Exo Suit is all well and good in Exo Zombies mode in Advanced Warfare but the suit itself doesn’t really have a lot of functionality besides the boost and melee attack.

That is exactly why players need to find Exo upgrade locations to get different Exo abilities for more specialized roles. There are 5 different upgrades to choose from and their locations always remain the same so finding them shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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Exo Medic Upgrade Location
The first upgrade location is very close to the initial spawn. This location provides players with Exo Medic ability, which allows players to revive teammates faster.

As soon as players spawn, they need to turn on the generator behind them and then follow the blue colored cable which will lead them directly to the ability station.

Exo Slam Upgrade Location
The Exo Slam ability, which allows players to jump and then slam down hard on the ground for area damage, can be unlocked by going to the main hub (turn left from the initial spawn point instead of following the blue cable).

A generator under the circular structure in the center of the hub needs to be activated first after which players can follow the blue power line to the ability station, which is actually right in front of the generator, outside the structure.

Exo Reload Upgrade Location
Exo Reload allows faster reload of weapons and is near the Exo Room.

Players need to go to the main hub, proceed through Hallway A, clear the blue colored security tunnel to the left, and the generator to the ability station is right next to the foot of the stairs on the right.

After activating the generator, players can just follow the power line up the stairs to the room where upgrade station is located.

Exo Health Upgrade and Exo Soldier Upgrade Location
The Exo Health increases the maximum health of players by a significant amount, making it harder for zombies to kill them. To acquire this upgrade, players need to head left from the main hub, through Hallway B.

The generator to the upgrade station is in the first door to the right (the same room where Pack-a-Punch upgrade is also located). This generator actually powers two upgrade stations. The cable on the left leads to Exo Health while the one on the right leads to Exo Soldier.

After activating the generator, players need to head out into the hallway and follow the power cable that passes through the hallway to the upgrade station for Exo Health. If they follow the cable on the right into a back room, players can acquire Exo Soldier upgrade.

Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Exo Upgrades Locations

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