Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide - find Blackbox, find all key cards, reach clearance level 50 and Talk to angie and activate Exo Suit Pods to escape.

Outbreak is the first of four Exo-Zombies maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that bring forth a new storyline. This new storyline is told from the perspective of four ex-employees of Atlas Corporation.

The new game mode retains all the changes featured in COD: AW – exo-movement, exo-abilities, and more – but not against other players, but against the undead.

Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg

Similar to Zombies Mode featured in previous Call of Duty installments, Exo-Zombies Outbreak map also features an Easter Egg – finding which requires multiple steps. In this guide, I am going to break down all steps one by one which are involved in finding this Easter Egg.

Step #1 – Finding the Black Box

The black box that you need to find is located in the area where you spawn. In this area, you will come across a crash site with a little gap on the left side.

If you look through this little gap, you will be able to pick up the black box lying there. Once you pick it up, you will hear a voice saying that the box is encrypted and you must decrypt it – something which is discussed in later steps.

Step #2 – Inserting the Black Box

Once you have picked up the black box, you need to head towards the computer room near the morgue. If you stand near these computers for a while, you will hear some sort of beeping noise coming out of them.

If you attach the black box to the computer, you will hear another voice saying that all 4 security badges are required to decrypt the box – a hint stating that the forthcoming steps cannot be done without a full party.

Step #3 – Get All Key Cards

Find all key cards for our main characters.

Bill Paxton’s Key Card
If you head left from the area from where you picked up the black box, you will come across a room on your right with a security panel located near the door.

There are a total of four security panel like these located in the area. However, in order to activate them, all four players need to get infected.

Once all players are infected, each of them must activate one security panel. Once all security panels are activated, go to the room (located on the immediate right after heading left from the crash site) and you should see two small slits in the glass panel.

If you check the slit on the left side, you should be able to see the security card. Now I do not know whether anyone can pick this card or not, but allowing Bill Paxton to retrieve his own card definitely works.

Here are the locations of security panels:

  • Administrator Desk
  • Restricted Access Area
  • Zombie Barrier by the Desk
  • Above the Executive Office

John Malkovich’s Key Card
Before we move ahead, do note that in order to do this step, all four characters must have exo-slam ability. And if you are playing solo, you must have the exo-slam ability. The card is located in one of the Containment Chambers.

If you look closely, you will see a pipe blocking the path. In order to move the pipe, you need to shoot it with anything from a .9mm Pistol to an LMG.

Once you have done so, get to the top of the Containment Chamber and jump down with exo-slam. This should get you below so that you can retrieve the key card. Once again, I cannot say whether the card can only be picked up by John Malkovich or not.

Since this step is a little tough to explain in words, you can have a look at FineNerdsS7’s YouTube video demonstration:

Rose McGowan’s Key Card
For this step, you need to have an EM1 in your arsenal. Once you have acquired the weapon, you need to go to the 3D printer in the large circular room and keep the laser beam aimed at the printer while Rose McGowan gets near and melee it.

You need to keep doing it for a little while and the printer will eventually spit out the key card.

Jon Bernthal Key Card
From the hints that I have gathered from the Internet and by inserting the black box into the computers, one thing is clear: the last key card is located somewhere in the Incinerator Room.

In order to go to the Incinerator Room, you need to send two players down the Trash Chutes: one of these is located near the Decontamination Chamber in the Atlas’ Main Office and the other is located near the Exo Testing Room.

However, once you get to the Incinerator Room, the key card is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, there is a wall there which will eventually kill you. So, you will have limited time before getting out of the area using the Trash Chutes placed at the far wall.

Once you get to the Incineration Chamber, ask the player controlling Deck to hip fire all over the ground. Sadly, I can’t provide you with an accurate location at this moment. But rest assured; keep on firing on the ground across all sides and the card will eventually pop-up. Pick it up as soon as you can and rush out using the Trash Chute.

Step #4 – Clearance Level & Final Clearance

In this step, you’re required to take down zombies on the ground. Each dead zombie has a chance of dropping more cards which you need. For this step, I would recommend that every player in your party has Exo-Slam ability. Keep on going on until you reach Clearance Level #49.

Once you’ve reached Clearance Level #49, head towards the Handprint Keypads. There are a total of 2 of these located on this map: one is right after the Decontamination Chamber and the other one is right above the Exo-Suit Room. You need to interact with it and reach Clearance Level #50.

Step #5 – Speaking to Angie and Preparing to Leave

Once you’ve acquired Clearance Level #50, you need to head towards the area where you placed the black box during Step #2. Once there, speak to Angie a few times and she’ll begin her dialogue. Once you’re done talking to Angie, you’ll have to activate all exo-suit pods.

Once you reach the exo-suit pods, you’ll see that they’re already online, but you’ll need to reactivate them one by one. Once everything is done, a different background score – Ride of the Valkyries – will begin playing.

Step #6 – Heading Outside for Evacuation

Once you start hearing Ride of the Valkyries, head outside to your initial spawn location and enjoy the ending.

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