AC Valhalla Francia Assassin Bureau Location Guide

In this AC Valhalla Francia Assassin Bureau Locations Guide, we'll be showing you where to find all the keys to access the Bureau

Reaching the Hidden One’s Bureau and receiving the Future Past Trophy is quite a tricky task that requires additional steps such as finding three keys to unlock the door to the Bureau. In this guide, we will be showing you the AC Valhalla Francia Assassin Bureau Location for you to discover.

AC Valhalla Francia Assassin Bureau Location

The initial step to finding the AC Valhalla Hidden One’s Bureau is to find its base which is situated at the Sigfred’s Longhouse in Melun (a large structure atop of few steps).

Once at the location, you’ll find a letter resting upon a table that gives you information about the Hidden Ones Bureau located in a city called Lutetia.

Head over to the Roman Ruins and find an area with woods covering its floor. Break through the wooden floor to come across a door below and behind it is the Hidden One’s Bureau.

Things get more complicated from here since you’ll have to find three keys to open the door ahead to go any further. The three keys are situated at three different parts of the map in three different Ruins:

  • Champlieu Ruins
  • Diodurum Ruins
  • Gisacum Ruins

Finding them in order is not compulsory, therefore, you can start with any location you please.

Hidden Bureau Key#1

At the Diodurum Ruins, there’s a mini cliff beneath which is a small pond you can drop down into. The pond takes you to an underwater pathway leading you inside facing a door.

Enter through the door, drop down into the water below and swim to the next side to find a bunch of explosives sitting on the wooden platform.

Throw the explosives to the wall behind to reveal another room where you’ll find the Book of Knowledge along with the first Key to the right on a study table.

Hidden Bureau Key#2

Equip yourself with the Incendiary Powder Trap ability and head over to the Gisacum Ruins. Simply drop down the underground path. Blow up the rocky wall above to reveal another section of the area, head left to find the second key on top of a study table.

Hidden Bureau Key#3

At the Champlieu Ruins, find wooden flooring, break through it and jump down to come across a door leading you to an underground tunnel. Crouch your way to the next side on the right. While on your way, make sure to kill a few rats who’re blocking the way.

Once they’re gone, head left to grab an explosive and crouch to the next side to blow up the wall on the right. Head to the next side and find the third key resting on a study table.

How to Unlock the Hidden Bureau

After all the keys are found, head over to the Bureau and unlock its door which leads you to another area to drop down from.

Drop down the area below to blow up the entrance to the chest to the right with two gladiator statues on its entrance. Kill the snakes guarding the chest to finally loot the chest and get rewarded with the Future Past Trophy.

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