Assassin’s Creed Rogue Viking Swords Locations Guide

In AC Rogue, finding all of the viking sword will reward you with the viking armor outfit. Here's how to find them.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue has 15 Viking Swords hidden worldwide, and collecting them all rewards players with the Viking Armor Outfit. The Armor is obtained by turning the swords in at Pearl Island (949, -928). You’ll need to find each Viking sword in AC Rogue first and then turn them in, but that is a monumental task.

The majority of the swords are located in the North Atlantic and the River Valley. In this guide, we’ll explore the location of every Viking sword in AC Rogue, including their coordinates, so you can assign custom waypoints to collect them quickly.

Viking Sword #1 – North Atlantic / Yarmouth (190,-906)

This sword is located in Yarmouth in the Halifax region on the map. You can discover the sword directly below on the clifftop if you reach the view point. Don’t jump and instead maneuver your way down to below the clifftop to get the sword.

Viking Sword #2 – North Atlantic / Pearl Island (944,-933)

On the map, Pearl Island is likewise situated near Fort Louis. The sword is located in a small cave if you follow the beach around to the right from the dock.

Viking Sword #3 – North Atlantic / Burgeo (549,-588)

Burgeo is situated on the map near Fort Louis. You may see the sword if you turn left of the building after leaving the dock.

Viking Sword #4 – North Atlantic / Grande Entree (364,-476)

Grand-Entree is located on the map in the Port La Joye region. You can see the sword one level below you when you teleport to the vantage point. Be careful of the lynx that enjoys prowling the region in your search for the sword.

Viking Sword #5 – North Atlantic / Harbour Deep (584,-358)

The map’s Fort Baie Rouge region is where Harbour Deep can be found. Proceed south after teleporting to the viewpoint. For the sword, descend the level and you will see it in front of you.

Viking Sword #6 – North Atlantic / Port Meinier (298,-142)

In the west corner of the North Atlantic, you will find the Port Meinier sword near the waterfront towards the southwestern corner.

Viking Sword #7 – North Atlantic / Fogo (916,-67)

The sword fogo is in the Fort Baie Rogue area inside the native pillar in front of two giant stones with the closed end.

Viking Sword #8 – North Atlantic / Anticosti (188,-144)

Anticosti is located in the North Atlantic near Port La Joye. Once you reach the vantage point, note the sword on your map. Eliminate the enemy archers and ascend the tower nearest the sword. From there, leap to the home next to the sword, land, and take it.

Viking Sword #9 – River Valley / Vieille Carriere (556,-42)

On the map, Vieille Carriere is situated near Fort Blanc. Head right from the docks and you’ll discover the sword just around the corner.

Viking Sword #10 – River Valley / Old Growth (288,-531)

The River Valley’s Fort Soleil neighborhood is home to the Old Growth Forest. You should take the boat from Otentiani and use it to cross the river, even if it is located in an Old Growth Forest. You will be directed directly to the dig site if you proceed into the tunnel to the other side from there.

Viking Sword #11 – River Valley / Twin Snake Path (662,-588)

On the map, the Twin Snake Path is located in the For La Croix region. Run toward the sword through the woods from the vantage point. From this vantage point, it is essentially a straight shot there, but it is a little run. Beware of assassins who may be hiding in the forest.

Viking Sword #12 – River Valley / Ash Creek (267,-878)

Ash Creek is situated in the River Valley’s Two Bends neighborhood. The viking sword is directly on the edge of the sea, close to the viewpoint in AC Rogue.

Viking Sword #13 – River Valley / Or du Nord (945,-135)

On the map, Or-Du-Nord is situated near Fort Blanc. This one is also quite basic. Put it on your map, sprint over there, and excavate it.

Viking Sword #14 – River Valley / Lac Eternel (427,-370)

Get on top of the tower and climb on the ledge. Drop to the lower ground near waterfront and trees. You will find this Viking sword there in AC Rogue.

Viking Sword #15 – New York / North Medium (386,-249)

Head to the King’s farm area in the open field, head towards the rocks opposite of the cabin and pick the sword from the ground.

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