Where Fo Find Three Observatory Pages In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

In AC Mirage, players need to find three pages to complete A Life’s Work quest. Let’s help you out in doing so with ease.

The Abbasiyah district in AC Mirage offers you two Tales of Baghdad (side quests), one of which tasks you to explore the Observatory and find three pages belonging to an astronomer there.  While the Observatory itself is easy to locate, the pages need a little more effort and digging to be found and will have you wander around for a while. 

As you set foot in Abbasiyah and approach the Observatory Viewpoint, you can spot an old man named Al-Mahani sitting on a bench between two boards. Talking to him and then helping him get up from the ground will start A Life’s Work quest, where you have to find three pages of a treatise as requested by the quest giver. Let’s learn the easiest way to do so. 

AC Mirage Three Observatory Pages Locations 

The quest giver will give you a hint that despite being of the same treatise, all three pages are located in separate places, away from each other.  

Page 1 

page 1 location ac mirage

The first page is in the main Observatory building behind the bench where Al-Mahani is seated. The main gate is barred and needs to be unlocked from the inside. 

Walk beside the building by staying on the left side until you reach a bookshelf. Move it to the corner of the wall toward the window. Now, climb the bookshelf and aim at the lock through the open window.  

Use a throwing knife to unlock the gate and then enter inside. Go upstairs and interact with the table to obtain the first page. 

first observatory page location ac mirage

Page 2 

Second Page in the Observatory AC Mirage

Interact with the window on the same floor from where you picked the first page. Use the rope adjacent to this window to approach the balcony on the other side of the building. The page is on the rooftop, which cannot be climbed until you use the bookshelf. Move the bookshelf and take it to the corner of the balcony.  

Climb the rooftop using the bookshelf. There is a table at the far end of this place, but the one we are searching for is beside the wall you’ve just climbed. Interact with the table here to pick the second page. 

Page 3 

Get down from the roof and head to the gate of the Observatory. Facing the gate, use your Eagle Vision to spot the third and final page of the treatise on the rooftop on your left. This one is tricky, as it flies away when you try to catch it after climbing the roof. 

Keep chasing the page until it rests on a nearby building’s roof. Grab it and then return to Al-Mahani to give him the good news. 

However, as you make your way back to the bench where you left the quest giver, you’ll see his son weeping near his father’s body. The outcome will be the same regardless of the dialogue you choose while speaking to Al-Mahani’s son. That is, he will leave the area with anger. Though, A Life’s Work quest will be completed. 

AC Mirage Three Pages Observatory Bug 

You may keep trying to find the Observatory pages but will reach nowhere, as none of these spawn on the said locations in AC Mirage. This is not a bug and happens due to a valid reason. 

Some players only talk to Al-Mahani on the first bench (where he rants about his health and life’s work) and then start their journey of finding the pages. This way, A Life’s Work quest doesn’t even start.

When you meet the astronomer sitting on the bench, he will speak to you for a while and then start walking towards the main gate of the Observatory. You must follow him and listen to his talk until he falls to the ground with heartache. Help him get up and listen to his final words about the treatise. That’s when the quest starts, and all the pages are spawned. 

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