How To Find Poet Arib Assassin’s Creed Mirage 

Poet Arib can be hard to find when you are going around doing your investigation in AC Mirage. Here is how to find her.

After eliminating the first prominent personality, Al-Ghul, from his hit list, Basim decides to find clues for his next target. This time, Fazil Al-Kemsa, The Great Scholar, appears to be a key member of The Order. This quest has many objectives, one of which is to find Arib, the renowned poet whose works have revolutionized art in a remarkable way in AC Mirage.

But it is challenging to find the good poet. The guide below will help you find this poet by explaining how to know her exact location in AC Mirage. 

How to find Poet Arib in Assassin’s Creed Mirage 

house of wisdom ac mirage

As The Great Symposium quest starts, the first thing you will need to do is reach the House of Wisdom.  

The quest marker will take you to the man beside the main (inner) courtyard fountain. After speaking to Kahraman, you will learn that Fazil’s lecture will begin shortly. The next objective tasks you to find opportunities. There are two of these in this place; you can locate them using your Eagle Vision.  

The first opportunity is on the south corner of the courtyard, which you can spot in orange. Blend on the bench to eavesdrop on the civilian poetry lovers. You will get a clue that the Poet Arib rests in the eastern outer courtyard.  

Having learned the whereabouts of Poet Arib, it’s time to head to the northeastern part of the main courtyard (face the fountain and look to the right from where you met Kahraman).  


Climb the stairs and walk the whole hallway to reach the eastern outer courtyard of the House of Wisdom.  

Turn right, and you will find the Poet Arib standing under a gazebo, pondering on the beauty of nature in AC Mirage.  

ac mirage poet arib

Approach the poet and start a chat with her. She will briefly discuss her works and another great poet, Ali Ibn Muhammad. Once the chat is finished, you can leave her with her thoughts and get back on track to complete the Great Symposium quest. 

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