A Total War Saga: Troy Paris Guide

Paris fell in love with a woman named Helen. However, Helen was no ordinary woman. In his act of love,...

Paris fell in love with a woman named Helen. However, Helen was no ordinary woman. In his act of love, he has brought war upon Troy. In this A Total War Saga: Troy Paris guide, we’ll be giving you a brief overview of Paris, and help you how to win the war.

A Total War Saga: Troy Paris

Helen, My Love
Paris has to take care of Helen and make sure she is happy at all times. Helen will initially start off situated in Larisa Troas but she can be moved around to be with Paris as you see fit.

Helen’s happiness will provide her respective province with +45 growth and +10 happiness. Her happiness will waiver if Paris does not visit her often. She becomes ‘gloomy’ in four turns.

Gloominess will bring -6 happiness in the respective province. If Helen continues to remain gloomy for 4 turns, the province will further receive a -10 to its happiness until Paris finally visits her.

You may invite Paris to three events, which will reward a province with unique bonuses.

Celebration(s) Bonuses
A Grand Fest +75 growth for a province. +10 influence for the province. +10 influence to all adjacent provinces.
A Demonstration of Skill -20% recruitment costs for army units. +700 experience points for all units per turn.
A Gathering for Prayer +16 happiness for the province. +50% increase of favor from priestess rituals.

Priam’s Heir
Much like Hector, Paris seeks the approval of his father to be able to rule. You may receive additional bonuses if you get your father’s approval before Hector can.

If you happen to reach the Heir of Troy marker at the end, you will receive Troy’s and all your brother’s provinces in a confederate.

Paris can’t go all out initially, and you have to make sure that Helen remains happy at all times. Paris’ heroes and generals will have the strongest armies, so utilize them in battle.

As Paris, you will have access to the best archers. Use this to thin out the armies of your enemy from a distance.

Use fighters to keep your best units from wavering in battle. Try to place your Champions at the front right alongside with Phrygian warriors and Phrygian axemen so they have greater survivability.

Homeric Victory for Paris
Homeric victory for Paris requires the completion of three objectives.

  • Complete all 12 mission steps in Paris’ heroic journey.
  • Destroy Mycenae, Ithaca, and Sparta.
  • Gain 600 favor with Aphrodite.

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